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#271: Post by BladeAndStone »

robat19 wrote:Over the past couple of months my first drop time has gone from about 6 seconds after turning on the pump to close to 20. Once I get my first drop my shots usually come out with my desired shot weight in about 30 seconds. What could cause this? Everyone I've asked says just grind coarser hit if I do that it's not effecting the first drop time just effecting my actual shot time. I'm using third wave water and the machine is only 8 months old so I don't think it's a scale issue. I regularly backflush and have take the screen off to clean that. I'm kind of at a loss for what could cause this as its slowly gotten worse and none of my other variables have changed. Here is a video of a shot I pulled, the timing was a bit off as I loosened up the grind, which makes me think there is something wrong as it took 20 seconds to get a drop through and put out 46g in 20 seconds. I'm using a 18/22 IMS basket and dosing 19g. I've also tried a 20g VST and the stock double basket. ... 6eg92G51Co

Have you had to change your grind setting to be dramatically different as compared to when you were getting 6 second first drop times? I am thinking there may be something wrong with your pump, or a leak. A pressure gauge fitted portafilter would confirm this.

How fresh is your coffee? Maybe it is old and you are having to grind way finer, but once the puck saturates you are getting quick flow? Just an idea I have experienced in the past.


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hello all, i just received delivery of a profitec pro 300 from clive coffee and have this thread to thank for helping guide me in this direction. one question: the feet aren't level, and i don't see any obvious way to adjust them or any commentary on the manual or on google on this issue. does anyone have any experience fixing this? i've messaged clive but of course given all that's going on in the world right now i understand that their turnaround time is probably compromised.


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I searched through this thread and on other places, but I could not find an answer.

How can the brew pump pressure be adjusted? As far I as I could figure out, you take the top off and then rotate the element labeled number 21 on page 4 of this diagram doc: ... iagram.pdf

Is this correct? Has anyone done this; if yes, any advice is welcome, how much and in what direction to turn then check the pressure etc.


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yes that is correct.

this link may give you some visual help where they are adjusting the pressure on the Pro 500. the OPV looks like it is same as the Pro 300 albeit in a different location. ... stment-opv

I hope this helps



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Thanks Sam.

Interesting that Marc says that gauge is showing 1bar too much - that's a pretty significant piece of info. I wonder why is that - is this something related to 500 being HX or the position of the gauge in the particular model..?

If I measure with gauge attached to portafilter, would the same apply on 300?


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the general rule is that if you are using a blank disc then you should set your pressure to be about 1 bar over what you want the brew pressure to be. so if you want to brew at 9bar set your gauge to 10bar to account for the pressure drop between where the gauge is connected to your plumbing in your machine and the actual water coming out the group head.

this rule is pretty consistent across most e61 machines.

if you are using a pressure gauge attached to your portafilter that does not allow water to pass through it when the pump is running then it will act just like a blank disc thus the rule still applies.

if you have a fancy one that lets water pass through it then you can set it to 9bar. you should also notice that your pressure gauge on your machine will read ~10bar while your portafilter gauge read ~9bar.

I hope this helps


#277: Post by aleck »

Thank you, very helpful.

Profitec 300 does not have any brew pressure gauge and it has ring brew head, not E61. Will be interesting to experiment.


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So true


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Like in the original Fausto's review, I am also experiencing occasional loud pops/bangs during warmup of brew boiler which do silence down as I engage the pump for the couple of seconds. Are you experiencing the same behavior and would you consider it normal?