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I just got the machine (Profitec GO) a few days ago and I'm loving it so far! I have a few things, im not sure if they are right or maybe im just using it wrong.

What happened was that sometimes (once every 5-6 shots, with steaming) the time to first drop of espresso would be way longer than usual. 14-15, even 20 seconds instead of 8-10.
I was confused why this would be happening, so I tried reproducing it with a blind filter - starting the pump, wait to reach 10bar, turn off, remove portafilter and let some water out, repeat when at full temperature. I would mostly get 8 seconds to 10 bar, but sometimes 14-15sec to 10 bar.

What would be the reason for this? Boiler not full enough, faulty hardware?

Thank you in advance!

bambucha (original poster)

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I tested some more with the blind filter to check the ramp-up time.
I always purged some water through the brewhead.
I turned on the machine and the first 2 times, it needed 15 seconds to full pressure. Third time it only took 7-8 seconds.
I could hear some water flow inside the machine before it started ramping up the pressure.
Am i doing something wrong? :o


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FYI, My profitec go takes about 5sec to 10 bar, every time. I'd contact your place of purchase.

bambucha (original poster)

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Thanks for the info. I figured out I didnt refill the boiler properly after steaming, hence no pressure... and it had to wait for it re-fill to get the pressure.

Im getting consistent 7-8 seconds to 10 bar now, which is still a bit high still...
Are you getting 5 sec to 10 bar with the backflush disk?


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Yes, as well as most of my shots. That makes total sense about the boiler refill.

bambucha (original poster)

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I just saw you are from the US. Maybe that also plays a factor. They probably use a different pump for US and EU markets, since 110v vs 220v.


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True. On the bright side, maybe you're able to get more preinfusion time!