Profitec Drive Coffee Offset Correction

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I received a Profitec Drive a few weeks ago, and as I learn more about espresso and the machine, I found out that one thing that I could/should do is to check the temperature offset. The main symptom of my shots is bitterness.

I dialed the brew temp from the default 93C to 96, and low and behold that seems to be above boiling point (by viewing other videos from this forum about the Profitec 700 and how to dial in the offset). The thing with the Profitec Drive is that there's no E1 exposed in the interface, now there is a "coffee offset correction" that goes from -10 to +10. From the seller, it came set at +2. As I go negative, the number shown in the display for the current temperature goes up. So for example, what is now 93, if I go negative another 2 units, it will show 95. So that's the direction I'm going. For reference, I'm at sea level.

I'm now trying to find the lowest boiling point and calibrate that to 99-100.

Have others with the Profitec Drive adjusted this parameter, and if so, what's your offset?