Procon CMP-7000 canned motor pump.

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Hello, ... 0Sheet.pdf

I tried searching for topics on this and saw nothing. Perhaps I didn't enter it correctly. But I was wondering...
This pump has been around for a few years now. I imagine kinks have been mostly worked through. Three year warranty in any case (don't know how good it is or what it covers specifically). This pump is much more compact than any other separate head/motor combo available out there. It's rated across a very wide range of flow/pressure (specified in the model number) and has a 1/2 hp rated motor. In addition to all of that, it costs less to replace than the average separate pump head! It breaks down? Order a whole new unit, with fresh motor, for 120USD.

What's not to like? I head rumors that there were performance/reliability issues with these. Any experience with them here? I'm really curious about their lack of mention in such forums as these. And no, I'm in no way associated with the company.

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#2: Post by networkcrasher »

Grrr.. Wish I saw that pump a few months ago! Looks nice and compact and can definitely handle the load of a single group machine. Looks interesting. Requires a 3/8" water feed.

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#3: Post by shadowfax »

networkcrasher wrote:Requires a 3/8" water feed.
Most pumps do. You can get adaptors pretty easily. My Elektra pump has 2 3/8" to 1/4" BSP adaptors on it.
Nicholas Lundgaard

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#4: Post by networkcrasher »

I read it to mean it required the flow rate of a 3/8" line. Could be wrong though 8)

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#5: Post by shadowfax »

I think it depends on what you want:
Flows rates available (@ 60 HZ): 15, 25, 35, 45, 60, 75, 85, 100, 110, 120, 130, and 140 gph
15 gph has absolutely no need of a 3/8" water line.
Nicholas Lundgaard

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#6: Post by networkcrasher »

Ah, got it! :-)

geb (original poster)

#7: Post by geb (original poster) »

That's it?

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#8: Post by Billc »

Just saw this thread. I have actually used this pump/motor for quite a while. I received both the 110V and 220V version back in 2003 when they were developing them. I was testing them for the GS3 application. They were a great motor/pump combination and worked perfectly. The only reason why we did not choose this product was the speed of the motor. The motor runs at about 3000 RPM and at that speed creates a high pitch whine. Not all that bad but when it was inside the GS3 it was a bit noisy. We ran one on a 2 group Linea for about 3 years and had great results.


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#9: Post by erics »

So then MAYBE, Version 1.1 of the GS3 will have this? :)

Eric S.
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#10: Post by Billc »

Probably not. That pump is just too expensive for this application. In addition the pump requires the separate electronics package so the footprint is just too big. We did try this pump and it performed excellent. The problem was just price and size.