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The boiler at the head group does not raise the temperature and remains stable at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and takes three hours to reach 35 degrees. What is the problem and what is the solution, please?


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The Bianca's grouphead is heated by the thermo-siphoning effect of the water in the brew boiler. The element in the boiler heats the water, the heated water is lighter than outside the boiler so it flows up and toward the head where it will cool, while the heavier water in the head flows down and toward the boiler where it will be heated in turn.

So, if your group head doesn't heat while the brew boiler (the smaller one) does heat, then there isn't any cyclic action, either there's not enough water in it (it has leaked out somewhere) or there's a clog preventing the cyclic flow.

If the brew boiler isn't heating, then that 35C may just be heat given off by the other boiler heating the brew boiler. If the brew boiler isn't heating, check that its safety thermostats aren't clicked, check that the element isn't burnt out.

Please do not mess around in the machine with it plugged in. If you're going to do electrical tests, ask someone qualified to assist.
If the safety thermostats are clicked, reset them. If they click off again, every day, after being reset, stop resetting them and fix the cause, not the symptom, eventually the safety might fail closed.

Nfrkois (original poster)

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Someone mentioned to me the problem may be from the boiler temperature sensor are there videos of the method of change?
Also, are there videos of how to do the steps you mentioned?
The reason is that I am in a place where there is no technician specialized in maintaining coffee machines.
Do you know an online store that provides spare parts?
Thank you for your time