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PIXIllate wrote:Yeah, I hear you. When you start to profile shots the anchor of time kind of goes away
Thank you (this makes sense)..

I'm still going to need a few days to digest before I try the profile.. I turned my mach9ne off and forgot to map the flow.. I guess I'll start from closed, because I think full flow will happen before I reach 2 1/4 turns (I'd love to have a paddle now, lol).

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I will first state that I did not read the first four pages of responses.

I have pretty much the same machine as you.

The half lift 'preinfusion method' to let brew boiler pressure or line pressure saturate the puck was always inconsistent and frustrating with me. Because, the drip rate was never the same.

The solution was to use the pump and restrict the flow with the lever to get a even 'preinfusion'.

My recipe to medium roast and some light roast was quarter turn of the flow valve. Sometimes just a little less depending on the roast, beans etc that took about 18-20 seconds to see first coffee drips penetrate the portafilter screen.

Then I let about 3 grams collect in the cup. Then very gradually and slowly open the valve to halfway.

If my grind setting was right. My entire extraction time was always about 44 seconds. 17g dose. 34g coffee.

Of course, this will vary with the beans you use. But, again, for me. This is a solid foundation when it comes to the Synchronika/Profitec with flow control.