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Hi - i realized most machines are recommended to plug the power cord directly into the wall outlet and not use power surges etc,

i have always used a power strip with protection with switches for the simple reason - i dont have enough outlets where i have the machine - two outlets - one is the fridge - the other is a power strip - not a cheap one - can handle 1875 watts - etc,

what would be so bad if i keep using the power strip on my new machine when i get it ? is there any real damage i can do if not going direct to the outlet ?

i though having the extra protection of the power strip would be better - i switch the outlet off when not in use - and flip it on first then machine on -

anyone have any suggestions or know if thats really a bad idea to keep doing it this way - or should i keep the fridge in the power strip and go direct instead -

i been doing it this way for over a decade now - never had an issue - i wouldnt even think about but reading the manual on the new machine i want to get - it says it there to not use a power strip or anything -go direct to wall -

what do you think - any truth or big deal if i didnt go direct to wall ?


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Power strips/ extension cords are discouraged because they vary in quality like new shoe sizes.
My direct experience is that I will use a cord/ switch strip if I need one, if after operating for minutes/hours the entire device feels cool to the hands. If a plug starts to feel warm, over skin temperature, then I get a better cord/strip. Just run your hands over it weekly.
Cheap ones can overheat and cause a fire. A plain safety issue.

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yes i agree - there are cheap ones - i been using the same one for years now on many things - i havnt had any issues -

but i will check it when i get a new machine - i always search for a high wattage power strip - with switches for each outlet -

with 14 awg cable - many are 16 awg - i avoid those - -


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Beyond surge protection, the power bar advantage would be that you can always leave the machine 'ON' and switch it 'ON' & 'OFF' from the power bar thus saving wear & tear on the power switch in the machine that would be more expensive and more of a hassle to one day replace.

Machine could also be turned 'ON' & 'OFF" from a Wifi timer plugged into the power bar, also protected by surge suppression.
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i though of that also but i never left my machine on and turned off at the switch - just in case - who knows if switch goes bad or gets flipped on by mistake one day - others use my machine - so i would have to be on top of that -

if those toggle switches are good ones- they should last the life of the machine - i had toggles on my previous two machines - no issues - but still they can go bad with time

i may try that once i get a machine again - thanks

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I'm not an electrician and go by experience. My concern would be the outlet it's plugged into. Is the outlet dedicated or on a circuit. If it's on a circuit what's the total draw. If adding a power strip makes the circuit draw higher than what it can take I'd think could generate a lot of heat. Breakers might get tripped if the circuit has other stuff you turn on the same time you're drawing high wattage out of one outlet.

I had that problem with my wife's blow dryer. A split A/C installer once plugged my unit into an outlet instead of wiring it directly, something he shouldn't have done. The outlet was on the same circuit as the bathroom circuit so everytime my wife had her 1450W hair dryer going and the A/C compressor went on the breaker started to trip. I ran a dedicated 20amp outlet to the bathroom to stop that. Later when I changed to a better split A/C I ran a heavy gauge line for direct wiring. Had no problems since.
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its in the kitchen near the fridge - two outlets - have another set on the other side of kitchen - up till now for over a decade i used it with power strip - cant see a new machine having any neg effect now -

outlets have the breaker push button in the middle of them - i have the fridge in one outlet - the other has the power strip which one grinder and machine would be plugged in the power strip -

they would both be on at same time but normally or always grind first then use the machine - i dont recall ever using it making a shot with the grinder going also -

if nothing never happened before - i dont see anything going wrong now - i just kept reading in the manual etc made me think if something is different with this machine over any other.

i will keep an eye on it for a while - i just though maybe something with this machine is different and would be damaged or not work well with a power strip etc,

in my eyes i take it as having extra protection - will be a while for new machine - i cant decide to get it now or wait for new one - i am not getting answers - waiting for a sale i was told would come with free flow control kit -

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Cheap and mid-range powerstrips use some of the scariest components you can imagine. I wouldn't want to push any of them past 1kW.

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https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Z8 ... =UTF8&th=1

i been using this model - i have 3 of them in the living room for different things - one in the kitchen for machine and grinder

so far so good - one i use to charge up lithium packs - at 30 amp charge rate etc, they have never tripped -

once the kitchen did - the button in the middle of the outlets you push back in yourself - that was with nothing running at the time just the fridge - for what ever reason -

Con Ed who knows what they do - but thats about it - what do you think of the above strip ?