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I'm not aware of a thread that showcases member setups so thought I would start one. Here is my baby (mazzer mini, autotamp, vibiemme domobar super + e61 thermometer):


Now I just need to add skills and might be getting somewhere. Newest editions are the E61 thermometer (which is the best thing to happen to my shots in a long time). And since I am a spaz with my tamping caved in and got an autotamp (so far it works as claimed).

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Here's mine, originally posted in The birth of an espresso bar:
HB wrote:Below is a photo of HB's new research laboratory (center), warehouse (center-right), office (right), and employee fitness center (far left). Arranging space and hookups are still in progress, but I'm at least out of my wife's kitchen. The cabinets are prefabs from Lowes as is the countertop (brown faux marble Formica hides coffee very well). The wire shelves are from a local restaurant supply. The poster over the bar is a blowup of the friends of HB banner printed by Kinkos.

Steve puts me to shame with his setup from New Espresso Bar....for your consideration:


There's a huge flat panel TV above the bar behind the cabinet doors; he says it's for his latte art demonstrations. If you're looking for ideas, check out the threads Espresso Shrines and Photos of Kitchen Coffee Set-up on CoffeeGeek.
Dan Kehn

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Ok- here goes the infiltrator from LMWDP... 8)

Olympia Cremina - with "Espressme" handles
Bezzera "Family" Club-
Nuova Simonelli MCF
greg moore

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Mazzer Super Jolly and Quickmill Anita. Only thing I need is a Lever!
Tim Eggers
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Greg, do you notice a difference in the shots from your two (lovely) lever machines?

Gregg K

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My unflattering espresso corner.

I posted it to unveil my world debut of two items. My preferred tamper, consisting of a long bar for extra control. AND, the sliding bean doser, which is still in it's prototype stage.



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Sitting on the washing machine, plumbed in, bucket out.

...and on the opposite bench:

A sweet sight for tired eyes every morning!

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Upgrade fever struck! :shock: Elektra A-3 and Macap M7K. 17" counter depth necessitated moving the front feet of the Elektra back 3" and the 24 1/2" cabinet clearance required chopping the hopper of the grinder.

The cabinets below the bar house the water filtration system, SC/GG roaster, greens stash and all the other paraphernalia.

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The Pride 'n' Joy...

I am SO glad that my espresso is better than my photography :)
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Randy G.

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Cart- J.C. Penny
Machine- Vibiemme Domobar Super
Grinder- Rocky (to be replaced very soon)
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