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Hidden puck prep area.

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This refresh brought to you by La Marzocco (and a lighter wallet). The Pico just showed up yesterday and will likely be sent off to a friend with my old BDB, but I wanted to try it out.

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Oh, I like the hidden puck prep area! That's a great idea.

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JohnB. wrote:Some photos of the current version of my coffee bar area.

A man that has everything.Crazy setup.Congrats.

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gonzomup wrote:Oh, I like the hidden puck prep area! That's a great idea.
Well, it was my girlfriend who "inspired" me to find a solution to the rapidly growing number of espresso equipment in our very small kitchen :D

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After a very long relationship with my La Valentina, I recently picked up this beauty! I found the Mini E not too long ago also, as an upgrade to my old Mini doser model. I'm considering a Mahlkonig Peak that a work buddy is selling, but this should keep me satisfied for a little while.

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Now that I'm back to the office most days each week, I had to split up my grinders and expand my office set up to include espresso.

Home - Versalab M4, Linea Mini (2018):

Office - Weber Key Mk.1, Fellow Ode v.2, Flair 58+, Subminimal Nanofoamer Pro:

I think this elevates me past the guy with a ham radio as the weirdest dude in the office. The Flair 58+ is new to me and has me questioning whether I should swap my Linea Mini for something with flow profiling....

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I make Americanos, here...

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New grinder update

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In town main setup:

Lake house setup: