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Its funny, I looked at this site so much I assumed I already had an account....guess not, so by way of an introduction here is my home setup as it sat Jan '22 (and really hasn't changed since!)

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I'm really liking this random section of pre-spaced tiles, without mortar, as a drip grid. Found it at a used building supplies store. Easy to clean, does not seem to stain at all, and the hot water has not caused the tiles to come loose from their webbing. And no bad odors whatsoever.

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I like it for its originality if nothing else. Kinda cool!
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A new addition to my stable, a Strietman CT2. It was very difficult to tell my Cremina she had to go back to the office :lol:. I also think I'd like more elbow room and might actually sell my VAM 1.0.

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2 week old Micra
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Had this setup for 2 years now and enjoy every morning with them

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Classy, I like it.

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A little, kind of crappy phone-shot video of my set-up. Should have cleaned up and stuff first, but it was such a gorgeous morning that I didn't really care.

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