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Hello fellow coffee aficionados, I thought I'd share my setup (and newly acquired Lelit MaraX). These machines offer widely different coffee making experiences. I have to grind coarser for the Mara, but not by much: the slow ramp-up mimics the preinfusion characteristics of a lever, allowing for finer grinds, and in my opinion anyway, more flavorful shots. On the pour over side of things I prefer hand grinding with the 1Zpresso K-Plus.

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My ECM Puristika with the new FCD paddle:


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Puristika twice in a row lol. I'm only borrowing this one, been attracted to it since I saw the first tease.


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New ECM Synchronika replacing my beloved Classika PID. Beautifull machine :)


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Finally installed the under shelf led light in my new coffee bar next to the fridge. The water line is in and ready for my new Argos when they start shipping. I will retire the Microcimbali to the top of the fridge where I can still enjoy seeing it and save it for special occasions.


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This is base 2 (when we retire will be base 1) in Europe. Almost identical setup to our primary CA home. This is a new La Marzocco GS/3 manual paddle and the updated Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro. I like commercial equipment and am a traditionalist with my espresso equipment brands. Will leave it to others to experiment with the new stuff. We also just got the latest Illy art cups for espresso, 2022 is a good year in my subjective taste. Yes that's marble (traditionalist) but I keep it clean and it hasn't stained yet

Still dialing in our local roasters' offerings but largely satisfied. Having the same setup in two homes makes it easy to consistently serve great espresso drinks even with significant variance in roasters, water hardness and weather


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Goodnight setup pic.

After selling my Bianca and borrowing a Puristika I bought my own Puristika. I have also bought a rotary pump + motor and will hook those up externally and plumb it in. Without the external water tank I'll have room for an Odyssey Argos with direct/spring lever and steam.


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dregsCup wrote:image
This is a new La Marzocco GS/3 manual paddle and the updated Mazzer Lux.
Nice setup. Small correction, that is a Super Jolly V Pro, not Lux. I have the same grinder, in black. Mazzer didn't upgrade Lux model like the rest of the lineup, yet. Rumor being Lux is about to be grandfathered as a model in near future. Cheers.


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My small corner of joy :D ...

Expobar Minore (240V version of American Brewtus IV model)
& Fiorenzato F4 Nano

Custom walnut handles and knobs coming soon and a natural Pohutukawa block fro tamps and tamping being made from a tree we trimmed on our property - a light pink and tan hardwood (I've not got the equipment to turn handles and knobs myself from this timber).

We have 18 Coffee Roasters within 20km of where I live - tried beans from all of them and settled on a favorite
The Good Fortune Coffee Co. and their Firecracker blend - about a 4/5 strength and a wonderful chocolaty finish :D

A yawn is a silent scream for coffee...


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Jobi-Wan wrote:We have 18 Coffee Roasters within 20km of where I live...
God I miss living in Wellington. Was lucky enough to live above Red Rabbit when Steve first started it, and Customs was just over the road. The amount of super high quality coffee (and incredible food omg) coming from that city is simply remarkable.