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prust wrote:What do you upgrade to?
Went from a Macap M4 to a Ceado e37J. Took the hopper off the Ceado and put a used grouphead shower screen in the hole to control single dose popcorning. Use a kabob skewer to flick up the chute flap and tease all the grinds out during the grind. A weigh in and out shows very low retention and the shots are consistently good extractions. The M4 was good but the Ceado is easier to take apart and feels like a more solid grinder.
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Finally 6 months after placing the original order. Lost water filter shipments and other unexpected delays my Synesso MVP Hydra is up and running.
It's been a year without espresso at home. For the next week or two I can see a serious case of the jitters and an inability to sleep.
The grinder will be swapped out for a malhkonig 65s gbw in a couple of months. Frankly I'm a little tapped out right now.

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Looks great! I have the anthracite Puristika (w/flow control) and black Zero. Like them both very much as you will, too.
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Just wanted to show you this guys!


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Latest iteration of my home setup, consisting of a Versalab M4, Weber Key, La Marzocco Linea Mini (2018), Saint Anthony Industries wedge distributor, and Decent self-leveling tamper:

While I'm at it, my non-espresso office setup (Fellow Ode, Fellow EKG, Chemex 6-cup, as well as an Aeropress and Pureover (not pictured)):

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Very nice setups!

I am curious why have both the versalab and Weber key?
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Thank you! My thought when buying the M4 and Key was to have both flat and conical options (notwithstanding that the M4 is DRM rather than a pure flat). I opted for the M4 over other large flat burr grinders because of Versalab's demonstrated craftsmanship, longevity, and strong customer support.

In my experience, the M4 and Key excel at different things. I use the M4 for light-to-medium roast fruitier coffees and the Key for medium-and-darker roast coffees with more traditional taste profiles. Occasionally I'll mix it up, and I make sure to try every coffee I buy with each grinder, but I've found fruitier coffees tend to get muddled in the Key and more traditional coffees are sometimes unbalanced when I use the M4. I think the Key has a wider sweet spot overall and is easier to dial in, but the very best shots I've pulled have been on the M4.

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Graduated from e61 HX.
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Nice. What lever machine is it?