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Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

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tompoland wrote:From left: Malwani Livi, Strietman CT2, Weber EG-1, Decent DE1XL.


That Malwani Livi and CT2 combo is quite picturesque. Great setup!


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Mike3dr wrote:May I ask where you got the cabinet that your set up is on? I'm looking for something like that, Thank You
Sorry Mike just saw your question. It's from Ikea ... a "TORNVIKEN island".

Then from the Decent Espresso website i bought the set of "IKEA Bror wheel bracket set of 4" and "Set of 18 M6 bolts for IKEA BROR Table".

I then bought a set of industrial castors for the wheels rated at 400kg load capacity.

I wanted heavy duty wheels because it's amazing how often I wheel it out to clean or change power cables and I wanted to have absolute confidence that it would support a 50kg lever machine (or two).

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My latest. I love my new Cremina.


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Started my journey a few months ago...


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Updated. Atom specialty 65 in the cupboard, Max has been sold, loving, and I'm mean loving, the Versalab. Cheers.
Bought a Max, used a Max, then sold the Max. We are splitting hairs.


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Very clean setup. Is that a 3d printed lid for the M4?


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Thanks, I do love keeping it simple. The lid is wood made custom for the machine.
Bought a Max, used a Max, then sold the Max. We are splitting hairs.


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Here is mine, nothing special and looks like one from the first page of this topic back to 2007.
My machine is ECM mechanika IV profi (plumbed) and Mazzer Super Jolly. As well there is Kaldi-based roasting setup in opposite corner.