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JB90068 wrote:Pretty much done.
Beautiful setup, how do you find The Duomo compared to usual WDT needles?


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From a workflow perspective: easier, faster and more consistent. Once you set it for the depth of your basket, a few quick turns and you are done. I also like how it stands up on it own and you don't have to worry about breaking needles.
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Thanks for the response :D


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Long time lurker, first time poster. I have learned a lot here over the past year and finally finished our coffee bar during our recent kitchen remodel so wanted to share! It took me a long time to plumb in the machine to the RO system, not to mention plumbing in the rest of the sink, etc. in order to leave room for a trash can under the knock box. Went with 3/8 inch all the way to the espresso machine.

Some notes:
1 - The RO is a Home Master Artesian unit that puts a bit of calcium and magnesium back into the water output. Went with 3/8 all the way to the espresso machine with a lot of adapters and couplings in between (along with countertop RO dispenser for the kettle's pour overs, aero press, etc.
2 - Equipment: Rocket Faustino grinder, Rocket Giotto Evo R, Fellow EKG and Fellow Ode grinder.
3 - In counter knock box took a lot of planning to make sure we didn't screw up the location, but managed to get a trash can in the cabinet in just the right place after shortening the drawer there.
4 - Pulled all of the electrical down into the cabinet with a smart switch for the espresso machine. We put a hole in the counter for the coffee kettle and grinder, but need to still run the cords back there.
5 - We also but in a mini drying rack of sorts in the sink for the espresso gear to stay out of the way, see picture from the top of the sink.


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Great sink

What's the fellow thing on the right side 8)


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Just their steaming pitcher drying upside down.

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My new setup.

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oneandone, that is a very nice setup but man, its waaaay too clean! I will have to rush to the kitchen and start scrubbing!
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My espresso bar. I had no idea that I could have such a thing in my home until I stumbled onto this thread. I love it!
Alas, I am moving, so it soon will be no more, but I'm keeping the equipment and I'll build an even better bar in a few months.

The machine is a Bezzera Duo MN, which has been fantastic. It's plumbed in through inline filters. The grinder, a Sette 270.
The bar itself came from Lowe's hardware. I bought an open-box kitchen cabinet for about $100, and the butcher block top for another $100. I put it in my breakfast nook, because there wasn't enough room in the kitchen. It was very simple to do, and I'd be happy to explain to anybody who's curious. I love making coffee every morning, and I appreciate everyone here for all of their advice.


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Temporary setup... Inexpensive stand from Lowe's. Cut the legs on the stand to 34". 1-1/2" Acacia wood butcher block with some teak oil...and voilà temporary espresso machine stand!

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