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mdmvrockford wrote:Daily driver and better espresso is from Cafelat Robot.
Daily driver grinder is Helor 106.

IMO, Robot equals Cremina for ristretto and regular espresso . I could not get Cremina to make lungo espresso w/o Fellini maneuver and this for me fractured the puck. Cremina was gifted away. Hence the Robot which fits my usual philosophy of use: <=4 double espressos/day. Never milk. For parties including multiple milk drinks I am researching Bellman steamer vs. dedicated boiler steamer (one QuickMill sold ~ 10 years ago) and let the Alexia handle espresso brews.

Helor 106 conical burrs are not as finicky as Mazzer flat burrs (prior Super Jolly and now Major). Mazzer was/is for parties, for ultra light roasts and when I am too lazy to spend one minute cranking the Helor 106 (but time lost with Mazzer getting all the grinds out).
How do you like Helor 106 in terms of shot quality?

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Shot quality is indistinguishable from Monolith Conical v1 (in my direct testing). And Helor 106 (with Mazzer 0186c burr : 71mm conical single phase Robur burrs) is indistinguishable from Monolith Conical v3 for those who own both.

Not to assume anything, in case you were not prior aware of specifics with Helor 106 Helor 106 [MANUAL GRINDER REVIEW]
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Here's mine!


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pcivic wrote:New machine replacing Linea Mini, owner of R91 now for 6 months...

How does the new machine compare to the old?


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Its a completelly different beast! As Linea Mini is all about being as simple and direct as possible, R91 is all about million different options and possibilities (high tech). Although it can be used as basic nine bar profille I do manual profille almost every single time. For me this was very important as I still got so much to try, with linea its just set and forget...

Steaming power is quite similar, as for the cup result I am able to get better results now, but on the other hand you can also make it worse by profilling. R91 is also a little bit bigger. Do I miss Linea? Well there is some of that special La Marzocco prestige feeling that I miss, but on the other hand this machine is much more capable if you want to take it to the next level,...
Strada EP maybe? :D (too big and too expensive for now)

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From an Appartamento & Fausto combo on the kitchen counter top to my own coffee shop in the kitchen ! Since February i wanted to occupy that space. It took a lot of negociation to get this kitchen corner, but it's finally done.


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Is that an ascaso? how do you like it?

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Yes it is. Steel duo pid. Got it this week so it hasn't been long enough to post a review about it. So far i love it. You literally have control over everything. You even have access to the opv setting from the outside of the machine. Compared to the appartamento, this machine unlocks so many things! The build quality and the finition of my machine is flawless. I'm really happy. Love the thermo blocks. You power it on and pull shots 15 minutes later.


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Thanks Jeff,

I'll look into it, sounds like a good machine.
Congratulation on your new set up!


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My new Eureka Grinder and 10+ year old La Spaziale Mini. A real workhorse.