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Espressoman007 wrote:Hi,
Great setup you have. Can you, please, tell me your Bianca settings, temperature, how many bars from the beginning till the end, do you use preinfusion or not, if you do, how many seconds, what's the ratio, what basket do you use, how many seconds for pulling shot? I also have Lelit Bianca. I'm using VST basket 20 g.

To keep the thread on topic I can message you details. Also I have had the Bianca for only a short while so I'm still learning it and going through some coffee on the way.

So far it's standard dose in VST baskets and making sure preinfusion is gentle and good, then ramp up and let it run until 1:2,5 or more. EK gives me a rather fast flow.

It's interesting and valuable to see the real time pressure gauge on the group. Depending on grind it shows different combinations of ramp up/max/declining pressure. My previous machine only displayed a flat steady pressure of the pump regardless of what was actually going on.

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vberch wrote:Eric, I think our machines are twins separated at birth :).

My Lambro has been my daily driver for the last 7 years. I love it!
A beauty! I am really looking forward to learning this lever. We also have a Cimbali Eleva and will be doing some side by side comparisons.

PM me if you have some general guidelines for shot parameters! It's always nice to know where to start.


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Eric, awesome! I've always loved Cimbali Eleva and came close a few times to buy one. They are built like a tank. I'll PM you. Congrats again!


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45 days ago I was drinking only brewed coffee. 30 days ago I bought a Breville Express. I think I may be in trouble...


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It happens to the best of us! :lol:


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LMLM + Kafetek Monolith Flat:


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Pretty clean looking setup you've got there :chef's hand: very nice!
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Very impressive set-up 8899! Taking some notes for when I a buy a bigger house :lol:


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Sunday is my "deep clean day", clean out the vacuum, change out the mats under the gear, etc.

All reassembled


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LMLM with the new MAX