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Eiern wrote: Using the stock burrs, and doing mostly very light beans (I subscribe to and buy from Tim Wendelboe here in Oslo). That means I must grind close to zero on my EK and can't do high pressure or much profiling, but I get tasty and high extractions.
Great setup you have. Can you, please, tell me your Bianca settings, temperature, how many bars from the beginning till the end, do you use preinfusion or not, if you do, how many seconds, what's the ratio, what basket do you use, how many seconds for pulling shot? I also have Lelit Bianca. I'm using VST basket 20 g.



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My new GS3 setup.

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ShmulikTal wrote: My new GS3 setup.
Mazel Tov - Beautiful looking setup!
The spouted portafilter to the left of the GS3 on the counter next to the naked portafilter seems to have an unusual 'lip' on it (to me anyway). Can you explain its purpose?
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Thanks, the portafilter edge makes it stable when you want to tamp against the edge of the countertop.

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Thanks - that's very thoughtful and useful.
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Nimitzg wrote:Very good set.
You are lucky leaving in Oslo.
Best coffee I had in life.

Did you try Odd Steiner's roasts from Supreme Roast Works?!
The guy is a genius.
I've had great coffees and espressos from Supreme Roastworks for sure! I missed the exact world brew winning coffee when they still had the beans and brewed it the same way in the shop back when he won.


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Just a few month ago I ordered their Ethiopia Seamen Natural.
Was unbelievable.
I think they still make an exceptional roast.
Do you have similar roasters in Oslo that do International shipping?

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Rowena wrote:DucaiMann - what are those amber jars?

They are what we keep our coffee in. Sealed glass. Reuseable and UV resistant!

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Eric, I think our machines are twins separated at birth :).

My Lambro has been my daily driver for the last 7 years. I love it!




DucaiMann wrote:Finally "officially" got to claim a section of the kitchen. the Faema Lambro arrived today from Officina Maltoni. Very excited to give it a go!


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The Lambro is one of my dream machines. Commercial lever, compact footprint, elegant design. I don't think it gets better.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!