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I have not had the temptation to get the Robur back out from the garage. The versatility trumps over the good ol' Robur taste. That said, I very much doubt if I will tell the difference in a double-blind taste test. I can easily dial in the sweetness with quick and repeatable adjustments. Definitely better by that yardstick. Most of all, the wife has unashamedly declared her love interest in the ZM and she never said that about the Robur. Image


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This is my almost complete setup.


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Nice colour... goes well with that window!


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Bought this machine on this site several years ago, and it has been very reliable. The workflow on the Sette is amazing.


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Niceguy1818 wrote:This is my almost complete setup.

That's a great looking coffee corner!

You should totally post a picture of you doing cold drip up in a lather! ;)

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Here's a pic with my new Technivorm. The other new things are not visible on the outside - the Double Dipper now has a Silvia boiler replacing the Gaggia I had been using - much cleaner installation, better heating element connections, and boiler insulation. The Doge 83 now has SSP burrs. I also added two additional thermocouples to help get more consistent shot temperatures.
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Oh that's cool!
Lot's of things going on!

Have you posted detailed pics of the machine somewhere?
It'd be cool to know what you kind of readings your getting from your thermocouples.

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Just got my Monolith Flat and kicked my La Cimbali Max Hybrid to the curb. The Flat pairs well with the LMLM!!!
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BaristaBoy E61

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That's one gorgeous setup Greg; everything nicely proportioned and colour coordinated!
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