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Wow, everything sure has changed since 2007!


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So here is my new project. $140, was missing the steam wand, had been replaced with some frother thing. The steam knob was missing as was the bottom of the water spout. I have a portafilter on order - this one is from my bezzera,and has offset ears. Replaced a gasket on the flow meter, was leaking, and had to clean out above the e61 solenoid, but other than that seems in perfect condition.

Will have spent under $300 once the portafilter comes in.

I highly recommend Grimac Royal Falcon for parts. They also carry major brand commercial parts, prices are good, and as the importer of this machine, extremely knowlegeable. I spoke to them yesterday, and with $14 ups shipping, the parts arrived in a day!

I went with the original steam wand, which is a non-articulating 1 hole, but I can manage that, as my Bezzera bz99 is similar, and I was not certain what I would need to install an articulating steam arm.

One thing I have discovered already. My Bezzera, well tuned, produces just as good a cup as an e61. Now to tune this one!


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DJL wrote:Wow, there's some really incredible coffee making hardware here that I can only dream about. You guys are serious espresso drinkers..I've been making espresso drinks at home for a few years now, and very satisfied with lower-cost Italian gear although my recent 2019 Gaggia Classic Pro and Eureka Specialita grinder purchase have upped things a notch. I'm also lucky to have many coffee roasters nearby so unlimited supply of great beans. Perhaps there's an ECM, Rocket or Expobar in my future? For now here's my humble setup:


2019 Gaggia Classic Pro + Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder in chrome.

Nice setup and trust me that you can be quite serious about espresso regardless of money spent. Your setup is highly capable and should serve you quite well. I've owned/used quite a few setups (home/commercial) and what I currently have keeps me extremely satisfied and didn't cost me that much. Honestly believe it will last my lifetime and that's what counts.


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Hi HB, Long time stalker here!
Been pulling for few years now. Started on an entry level pressurised pf Breville, upgraded to Gaggia Classic/MDF duo.
And ended up with that gear... Which i'm pretty happy with... That V slim is a pure joy to use!



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Coffcarl wrote:So here is my new project. $140, was missing the steam wand!..
I just giggle every time I see the sticker, "No user serviceable parts located inside."
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Yeah, thinking of removing most of the stickers.

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Randy G. wrote:I just giggle every time I see the sticker, "No user serviceable parts located inside."
Yes, just like when the waiter tells me not to touch the plate because it is hot...and I MUST touch the plate!
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And 95% of the time, it's at best warm.


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Current setup


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BildoMcBaggins wrote:image

Baratza Vario and Quickmill Silvano Evo. Wife approved a large coffee area in the new kitchen plans.... coming 2019
Hi Bildo, vey nice setup. How are you liking your Silvano Evo? I'm considering getting one, but like my 6-8 once cappuccinos in the mornings. Is the steaming really an issue for 2 small caps ?