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Its my understanding and correct me if I'm wrong that the no-burn wands are easier to clean.
Tim Eggers
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Astra Gourmet semi automatic and Mazzer mini... once i'm done building around my house i'll plumb it in and build them a nicer home, more like I did for my other hobby.....



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Well, here is a picture (sorry for the bad lighting) of my newest setup. I have another one in a different area which is my old Gaggia/Rancilio/Presto setup but other than the Presto I don't use those much anymore. Anyway, this is my Cimbali Junior and Junior grinder on a cart that I made out of scrap 2x4s and 2x6s, styled after an Ikea cart that I saw. The only problem I've had with the Junior is with steaming. It's in my laundry room right now until a future kitchen remodel will allow enough space for it in the kitchen. I refinished both of these with high heat automotive paint since they were shiny brass (not my thing) and somewhat scratched and dinged up. To me they look better now. I just need to add the markings for the settings since they were finished over.



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rogier wrote: more like I did for my other hobby.....

Pizza oven?


Deer blind?

Sorry for the left turn here, but that structure doesn't speak for itself.



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Yes, I'm thinking of doing something similar in my backyard. Any other pictures? Did you build it yourself? Looks very nice!
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OkcEspresso wrote:Pizza oven?


Deer blind?
Sorry, somehow everybody elses pics are larger then mine, but anything larger is rejected... It's a pizza oven that i build myself around an insert i bought. If I would do it again I probably would build the whole thing but since I had no building experience i went the safe way. I can't wait though to build a new kitchen with a small sink next to the machine and a small fridge under it...

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rogier wrote:Sorry, somehow everybody elses pics are larger then mine, but anything larger is rejected...
Try resizing the images using your favorite program before uploading - max 600 pixels wide recommended. The HB server can handle modest resizing on upload, but will timeout if the image is bigger than ~200K (step-by-step instructions).
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rogier wrote:It's a pizza oven that i build myself around an insert i bought
espresso & wood fired pizza! now you're talking....

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Kaffee Bitte

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Here is my present home setup. The coffee corner is, sadly, a bit overfull but very functional.

Lynn G.
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College (as of yesterday):

I kind of miss my Mininova, but this new lever thing is really working out... just not when friends want coffee, too.
I need to figure out the best way to haul my Mininova up here for next semester.
Paired with the LSM grinder, I will put the *$ across the street out of business. :lol: