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shadowfax it a refrigerator unit for the IKEA "Udden" free-standing kitchen series? I am moving to Houston next week, and our first trip after we unload will be to IKEA--We're getting a bed, that exact same sink unit, and I had planned on getting two of the cabinet units (on the left under your sink), but I am intrigued by the idea of the fridge (if that's what it is).


Yes, indeed it is a standard 24-in wide, build-in, two-compartment, wine refrigerator. I chose black panel to match the Ikea Udden. It is convenient to set one compartment below 40F for milk storage.

I also added sliding wire shelves to maximize storage under the sink, also from Ikea.


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Here is a picture of my home setup:

It's an Aurora Export, one of the few spring lever machines with HX.


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Just relocated down to Vancouver, Washington, and am renting a duplex. I was lucky enough to be able to plumb my machine in and use a 5 gal jug for my waste water. I feel spoiled :lol:
Bought the butcher block table for $200 at Ikea. Just BARELY fits I think the table is 47 and 1/2 inches long and about 20 and 3/4 inches deep. Fits everything perfectly. The bottom shelf is a little bit low so I had to modify my 5 gallon jug a little bit. Really happy with my set up right now, but there is some truly amazing set ups that have been posted here, enough to make me jealous :D


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Welcome to the 'couve! Setup looks good and the table blends well for the tight space.

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Just got a job in Houston. Ikea is close by, so I got one of those IKEA Udden setups. This was definitely well in the WAF, as our new kitchen is tiny. I am happy, and there is a lot more space in the kitchen...

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Very nice setup. Did you plumb it in, or use a flojet? I'd like to get a setup like that for my office in the house, but no in or outlet and like this idea of your sink and faucet.

I'm only 45 minutes south of you in Lake Jackson.....have to get a jam together.

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It's plumbed in. I have an 8L DVA ion exchange water softener and then a 10 micron carbon filter followed by a 2 micron sediment filter. It's pretty sweet. I also have the sink's hot water AND cold water T'ed off from the kitchen's taps (which also feeds the espresso machine), and then a 1 1/2" drain pipe T'ed into the kitchen sink's drain hookup. It all drains fast, minimal "funny noise," and no leaks. Now I just need a timer for Vetrano and one of those flood-protection units...
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Shadowfax -
I ordered my timer, but was surprised that Home Depot now carries the Intermatic digital programmable timer. I think the price was around $18 which is great. I have my S27 on a timer and it's fantastic, but will move the S27 back to the garage and get the Andreja back inside next week.

I just purchased some filters, but none to fancy as yours. I ordered from a softener, calcite filter, and carbon and plan on putting then in that order. Will this work, and any suggestions?

That's great that you cold tee off your water like that....I assume you are in a house :)


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Well, heres my latest configuration, an Elektra T1 Deliziosa, Rio Normale (Mazzer) SJ, and Olympia Cremina. I'm really loving the plumbed in T1 action, first time with a plumbed model and well worth it and it really is a nice feature. I've got the waste water draining into a 3 gallon bottle under the counter.
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Update with Dalla Corte Mini:

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