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This is my set up..., or not set up but equipments.
From the left: coffee beans in a container, Hario mini mill grinder, 20 oz pitcher & thermometer, Bialetti Moka Express, Bellman Stovetop Steamer.
Once I get good at making good steamed milk, I might want to post a video of how I make cappuccino or latte with this... :D


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bluesman wrote:Now THAT'S inventive! I never thought of doing it, and it makes perfect sense. We own our house, but it's still an excellent way to run the water line (and very wife-friendly, I hope....) Thanks!!

Indeed, wife happy, landlord happy and I get to keep my coffee obsession.


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beanhopper737 wrote:I admit to being a little defeated by the whole pre-infusion thing. I have experimented with lifting the brew lever to the intermediate position for varying lengths of time, up to 10-seconds perhaps, but I don't think I'm getting any pre-infusion going on. Occasionally I'll remove the portafilter to check and it is always as dry as a bone..
If you have a plumbed, E-61, and you are lifit the lever to the middle position, you should NOT be getting any preinfusion at all. The lever has to be moved to the point of resistance in the middle position as you lift it, and then just a little bit more, which should be before the pump comes on. Try it with the portafilter removed. If you can't get it to work like that you may need to adjust the depth of the pump activation switch.
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espressosf wrote:on dedicated Ikea kitchen island.
I do like that island - looks good and is about the right size. I shopped Ikea, but never saw it before, because I was searching 'kitchen islands & carts' selection when I should have been looking in their 'Free-standing kitchens' selection. (At the moment, see this link.)
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Now that sounds very promising! Thank you kind sir! If I weren't dealing with a little excessive caffeine levels I would try it right now...but my normal constitution is in an absolute uproar since the new machine arrived...I'll try your suggestion first thing tomorrow. This is going to be great!


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First off, let me say "Howdy Y'all" to everyone here. I am an espresso newbie and have been hunting for a machine in my admittedly paltry budget range. I actually found one!
This Kitchenaid Proline cost me $40.00 and a trip to Charlotte. I know, it was a little high but I have heard these were fairly good machines and I decided to take the plunge.
After a very thorough cleaning and de-scaling, I made a double shot of espresso that didn't taste too bad.


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From what I've seen, it's basically a Gaggia Classic, so lots of resources about maintenance, hot rodding, and use. Always liked the looks of the thing, reminds me of 50s and early 60s sci-fi paperback covers.

Should be good with the right grinder.
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Here's my little Coffee station


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New stainless steel portafilters from La Marzocco modified to fit Gaggia

Water and heat resistant LED down lights (mix of warm and cool white) with power drawn from the cup warmer, so I can use the front switch to turn the lights on or off.

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Hey Dee, what kind of lights are those?

Recently refurbished this M29. Almost got the hang of it...