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TimEggers wrote:<image>

Mazzer Super Jolly and Quickmill Anita. Only thing I need is a Lever!
I only half recognize the Anita there. Did you upgrade the steam & hot water valves yourself?

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Here's my set up before we moved. Now that we're living in a rental condo I don't have as much space, but I can't complain given the recent real estate crash.

The machine is a semi-auto Valentina, Macap M4 grinder, Reg Barber tamper, the mat is heavy duty liner for a toolbox, and the knockbox surround I made.

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home sweet home
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Still looking for a place for the roaster :wink:


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Another LaSpaziale Vivaldi S2

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My ECM Michelangelo.......... (230 Volt - Plumbed in and out)


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Hi folks,
Another update: Conti, thanks to Bill and mogogear! no thanks to UPS! 12 hours bash and polish to fix!

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Astoria single group lever
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SylvainMtl wrote:I only half recognize the Anita there. Did you upgrade the steam & hot water valves yourself?
Nope they came standard when I ordered Anita. Looking now Chris offers a No-Burn Steam Wand upgrade for Anita, that's on my Christmas list for sure!
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Here is my setup:

La San Marco 85 + La San Marco SM 90 grinder