Possible Issue with Breville Dual Boiler

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#1: Post by Linthorn »

I may be crazy, but my BDB seems off. When I first turn on my BDB, after letting it heat up to 200, I run hot water through the portafilter to heat things up. I do this by holding the 1 cup button (no preinfusion). Recently I noticed that it takes up to 10 seconds before the water comes out, like the pump isn't primed. After I make my coffee I backflush using the same button but then it runs right away. I'm not sure if this is normal, and it always did that, or if something went off the last time I descaled it. Once it is primed it makes espresso fine and the pressure is fine, it just seems to me that it didn't used to take so long to begin pumping water. Am I imagining things? Any concern? Is there something I should do to correct it? Sorry if the question is too weird. :lol:
Dave Lynch

LMWDP #218


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If you could post a video of the issue as it happens, it would be easier to help. You're sure it didn't get reset back to factory settings? IIRC, the default pre infusion is 10 seconds.