Portafilter Wings: Flat vs Angled

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#1: Post by BeccaBrewsCoffee »

My sister gifted me a bottomless portafilter but I noticed a lot of resistance when putting it in. I noticed that the wings on the bottomless one had more of an angle to them than my double-spouted portafilter that came with the machine.

I want to learn, so I'm so curious as to what these differences mean exactly (aside from the obvious that it won't fit)?

I posted some images for reference.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

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It's hard to tell from your photos.

When you say "resistance", is that inserting it into the bayonet or rotating it to tighten the seal?

Have you tried to pull any shots? If so, was there any leaking or a sense that the portafilter was going to rotate out on its own?

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#3: Post by gonzomup »

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Can you post a picture looking at the portafilters from the sides?

Taking a bit of a stab at this based on the way the light reflects off the tabs on the bottomless. Might they be ramped slightly, to draw the portafilter tight to the grouphead? If that's indeed the case, it could be something as simple as a snug fit (Jeff's reference to "inserting"). On the other hand it could be at the other extreme: the tabs dig into the grouphead seal before seating fully (Jeff's reference to "rotating").