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Next week I will be on out of town on business travel. I'm driving. In a moment of clarity, I decided I'm going to bring my La Pavoni Pro and Macap M4 grinder with me (as well as all the other cappy paraphernalia of espresso cups, pitchers, thermometer, cleaning rags, beans, etc...).

Unfortunately, future travel will likely be via airplane.

Questions (for air travelers):
1> Do you take an espresso machine with when you travel by air?
a. If yes, which one?
b. If no, would you ever want to?

2> If you were going to do it over again, what would you purchase for travel?

3> How do you pack your espresso gear? Special case (i.e. Pelican)?

4> Do you take a grinder or pre-grind?

I look forward to your insight / experience.


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I pack a Europiccolo, Lux grinder, coffee and frothing pitcher, which totals around 15 pounds, in a regular bag, and check it in. Taking it through the gate is not recommended since it gets a "what the ^&*(" from security. Checked in, it will invariably get a nice note from HS that they searched your bag, but since there's no batteries or electronics, they let it pass without demurral.

I also used the Peppina; but when I travel the main use is for my morning cappa. The EP is perfectly designed for this, the highest frothing power to weight ratio of any machine on the market.
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The EP is perfectly designed for this, the highest frothing power to weight ratio of any machine on the market.
Do you have SE and CI for this assertion? :twisted:
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Have you thought about sending it UPS overnight to your hotel?

I've traveled with my espresso machine but always found the extra bag to be a real pain. Primarly because I always did it for long trips (a week or more) and had more than an overnight bag to begin with.

If saving money is your primary reason for bringing your machine I would buy a new machine that is better suited for travel.

I used a Mr Coffee Steam Espresso Machine. They are small, inexpensive, and did not require a good grinder.
Not great espresso but when you add milk and flavors to a late you can cover up any bitterness.

If good espresso is your primary reason for bringing your machine I would consider sending it overnight and pay for the insurance.


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I carry my Gaggia Factory 8 cup, a Solis Maestro Plus, knock box, cups, and tools in a hard case with rollers. See pictures in the link below.

An Espresso Travel Kit: Taking charge of your coffee when away.
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Lever_Man (original poster)

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Nice travel case. What brand and size is it?

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This is the rig that got me across Nevada Highway 50, the loneliest hiway in America,
a stretch of 2-lane backtop through the old gold camps in Northern Nevada.

A brass La Pavoni Europiccolo and a Halco grinder that was replaced by the time
of the actual trip with a Zassenhaus 151, and all the necessary accessories.

All in a handy picnic-type basket, appropriate for car travel.
In actual packing the checkered napkins were used to pad and protect
the individual items.
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This is a Delsey 25" hardside suitcase with Pelican black pick and pluck foam, (#1601 4pc), purchased separately.

Outline your machine and accessories in the foam with toothpicks, then pull out the foam squares inside the toothpick outline. Easy peasy.

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You have executed my mental plan precisely as I had envisioned it.
Well done :P .

Man, what would I do without these forums..

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I believe a PV Export would just fit in that case in the other direction....
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