Plumbing the Lelit Bianca

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#1: Post by fratis »

Hey all,

We're moving to a new house, and as part of the move, we're upgrading our espresso kit from our Breville stuff (which we love) to lifelong gear, and we're having a custom kitchen island/cart thing built to hold it all.

We're getting a Bianca, and although Clive has a nice video on the basics of plumbing the water line, I've been struggling to find any information how how to plumb the drip tray. I have a question on that and a few other related ones:
  • Are there any guides/videos on plumbing the drip tray? Haven't been able to find one.
  • Does anyone have a guide or a video on plumbing in general? (Perhaps one that's more detailed/raw than the Clive one?)



#2: Post by ng »

I have not plumed my drip tray, but when I plumbed the drain line for my RO water it was directly into the garbage disposal, above the p-trap. You will want to run the drain hose to a high point, and then down to prevent backflow. Would be similar for your drain line, except you'll need a different hose adapter.