Plumber's Teflon tape on steam tip?

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I have a 3 hole tip I like (male threaded tip) but I get a very slight leakage around the threads -- the gasket is fine but the mating of the steam wand and the tip is apparently imperfect. 2 gaskets will not fit. Other steam tips work fine on the wand. Should I put a small amount of plumber's Teflon tape around the threads to seal? Is that OK with the heat of the (uninsulated) wand?

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"The minimum safe operating temperature for PTFE tapes is around -200 Celsius, while the upper limits of heat performance tend to be at around +260 Celsius."
This is what I read about teflon tape heat limitations when I Googled it.

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I've done it on vintage machines. Works fine. I've even seen new machines that come that way.
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Or try an fkm o ring, another common feature on many machines

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Yup, it shouldn't be a problem! :wink:



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I'd bet dried on milk will seal it within a short time. Even with a good wipe down after uses, there will be milk in the seam that will cook on.

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guijan12 wrote:Yup, it shouldn't be a problem! :wink:

Can't see what the harm can be except that any tape that winds up in the milk might be hard to see.
It's not likely to happen though.
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I did a bunch of research about using bunched teflon tape to seal around the basket lip of a stovetop Moka Pot coffee maker to prevent steam leaks. The melting point is so high I felt OK about using it. And it worked.