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Can a plumb-in machine run from a reservoir?
I'm contemplating buying a second hand (plumb-in version) Nuova Simonelli Musica for a decent price, and I'm wondering if I could run it off a reservoir instead of plumbing it in.



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UriSBN wrote:Can a plumb-in machine run from a reservoir?

It varies a lot between machines, but plumb-in machines fall mostly into these categories:

1. Switchable between plumb and tank out of the box (Eg: Profitec Pro 700, Rocket R91)

2. Switchable with an optional kit (eg: LM Linea Mini)

3. Plumb only, but can run off an external aftermarket pump + reservoir. Search the threads for Flojet. Examples of plumb only are Speedster, Slayer. The Flojet option will simulate plumbing.

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I'm at option 3 it appears, and it's way too much work for a student with no time..

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All espresso machines I've ever used could run from a water bottle; all that's needed is a check valve ("foot valve") to prevent air from entering the water line. That's what they do at SCA barista competitions.
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You can run your machine from a reservoir. I've run plenty machine in that fashion and have never had any problem. For peace of mind though, always ensure that you never run out of water as most rotary pumps are not self priming. Also, try by all means to have your water reservoir not too low on the ground, so as not to strain the pump as it draws.

Good luck and congratulations on your new machine.

Do a search on this forum and others, your query sounds like one that has been discussed previously.