Picopresso water outlet piece tilted

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#1: Post by Hirak »

I just got my Picopresso yesterday, I found that the water outlet piece is tiled a bit and not flush with the body (pics attached), if other folks with the Picopresso have the same thing or is a one off defect in my case, I hope It doesn't negativity impact the pressure over time.

Team HB

#2: Post by ira »

Well, it certainly looks wrong. If it was mine, I'd loosen the 3 screws and see if it drops into place or maybe even take them out and see if the gasket underneath is misplaced. But, it's brand new and still in warranty. Have you sent that picture to the dealer?

Hirak (original poster)

#3: Post by Hirak (original poster) »

Its bought from Amazon (India), I think I'll just return it, they don't have another one in stock, i really wanted to keep it.