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Wacaco has announced a new product in line with the minpresso and nanopresso. This one is called the Picopresso. The previous model seems more akin to toys with mini plastic baskets and tampers plus pressurized baskets and promoting pods. This one seems a bit more serious the basket is better sized at 52mm, 18g dose, naked portafilter and no pressurized baskets. On top of this they are in development of a grinder, pressure gauge, and scale for this unit. I was given a nanopresso as a gift and I've used it for fun and it's not all that bad but designed for a pressurised basket and coarser grind. It will be interesting to start seeing reviews on this product. The price is probably cheaper than the grinder needed for it.


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I also use a nanopresso and I have always thought the basket was silly because you couldnt tamp properly so I decided to cut a hole in the basket and turn it into more of an actual pitta filter. I will since before doing this modification it was meh~~ a bit disappointing. But after the mod it actually works!

The picopresso is definitely on my list of things to buy but I think I will wait to see if they have more colours like the nano :)


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Interesting. I was surprised to learn that it's larger than Nanopresso but nevertheless I find it cool.


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I've always wondered why the wacaco isn't making a normal portafilter on the nanopresso. It would be a smaller version of the picopresso... I get that they later came out with a double espresso holder but if they came out with a single basket portafilter it would be maybe smaller than the picopresso? Nevertheless I'm definitely going to get one. Would be interesting if they came out with one with more metal parts so they have a higher heat retention.


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I pulled the trigger on the presale few weeks back. Looks like a great travel unit. 18g and 9+ bars of pressure sold me. We shall see.

DamianWarS (original poster)

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bottomless PF too. I actually have the nano and it works in a pinch for milky drinks but I can see this working better. but I don't have a decent travel grinder so I'll wait a bit longer. still, wish it was 58mm.


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I like the idea of the 18 g capacity of the picopresso. I find the nanopresso doesn't like much more than 7 g if I use a true espresso grind, though it's very nice for travel or outdoor use. And it gives you one shot (no more) of true espresso, not aeropresso. The basic limitation of both of them, however, and anything else that operates on a similar principle, is the inability to precisely and consistently maintain water temperature, especially if you don't happen to be in a fully-equipped kitchen. So I likely won't be investing in higher capacity or better build quality versions of this design.


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I preordered a Picopresso when it was offered for 99 dollars. I think it will be available again at the end of September for 129 dollars (plus shipping ~19 dollars).

I am really impressed with the Picopresso so far and the only real drawbback for me is the temperature management for light roasts. You really have to keep an eye on preheating the unit and at the same time the chamber gets quite hot and uncomfortable to touch.
But nevertheless to me this espresso maker is the perfect solution for travel. Especially in combination with a grinder capable of fine adjustments like the JX Pro from 1zpresso. Combined they don't take away too much space and weight about 1.3 kilograms.

I have some pictures from testing this combo with light roasted Sidamo beans:

And with some really dark roasted Quarta Rossa beans:

If you have any questions or want me to test something I am happy to help out ;)


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A few tips for those with the Nanopresso in this thread.
- You can depressurise the basket, meaning you control the shot! I did this and the coffee is much improved. Dialed it in and batch ground at home before a camping trip and was satisfied with the espresso for what it is. Instructions to do this mod are in the barista kit, I can take a photo if needed.
- Barista kit comes with two double baskets, bigger water tank etc. and instructions to remove the pressurising nipple.

To me, the above are essential if you own a nanopresso.

I doubt I'll upgrade to the picopresso as the nanopresso was a gift and is only used camping. Interested to see if they come out with a decent hand grinder and sturdy scale - I took my hario scales camping. :wink:

DamianWarS (original poster)

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they got a how-to video for that. I have the nano too and it works in a pinch but with the positive reviews coming out for the pico I'm looking at picking it up for travel purposes/no power options. I dislike all the upgrades of the nano and would rather something that's not designed to be upgraded but works the best out of the box. the naked PF, 18g basket, leveling tamper, funnel and even WDT tool of the pico shows that wacaco is after the speciality market with this product not the pod market that the nano seemed to better fit. A concerned flaw of these niche companies, and Flair fits in this as well, is that in order for them to stay a float they need to keep releasing new products. Flair is a perfect example with 5 models to choose from that all do the same thing and each with upgrade options. Wacaco is not quite as bad although they do have the minipresso, nanopresso and now picopresso (which sort of suggests there's going to be another one after the pico too) but it's nice to see them exapanding their product range into filter over just upgrade releases of the same product. But with that said I'm getting a new 1ZPresso JX-MAX and I would love the picopresso to pair with it.