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Have you had any issue with the temperature of the shot not being hot enough? I recently purchase the PicoPresso and followed the recommendation of running hot/boiling water through it, in order to heat up the internals and, dump out the 'warm up water' and refill it with boiling water again. Yet, I still get a resulting warm shot after all. Anyone experience this or have recommendations as to how to yield a hotter shot?

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You really have to be thorough with preheating. I usually out in boiling water and close the lid while I prepare the coffee puck. When I'm ready I pump some of the water through the shower screen and dump the rest of the water just before filling in boiling water again for the shot. You should immediately fill in new boiling water after dumping the previous one.
The Picopresso should become hot to the touch on the outside. I got some thick neoprene and out it on the Picopresso so it holds heat better and I don't hurt my hands while pumping. I will test the same procedure with neoprene beer coolers which have just about the right size.
With the neoprene cover I could get the brewing temperature up to about 94-95 degrees celsius but I only reached that after already pulling a shot. Of course you should also preheat your cup.


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Hey, that's a great idea! I never thought about using a neoprene sleeve to retaining heat. It turns out, when I have pulled a shot, using the PicoPresso the heat started to affect my hands, since it was really hot.

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I wonder if you could modify/fit a Brewcoat for Aeropress. picopresso is probably too small of market for brewcoat to make one but it would be simple enough to make so who knows. if you got some similar composite material brewcoat uses and some velcro you could probably build your own. Something like this would help with heat retention plus make it comfortable to hold. Wacao history has been releasing an onslaught of upgrades and initally it was hard to figure out what they could upgrade but I think there are a lot of stuff they could add to make it more premium. I've of talks of a pressure gauge, I think a lid with a fitted temp gauge would be interesting but a fitted heat resistant jacket would certainly be something I would pick up.


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I used silicone sleeves (2) and got good results, I am now experimenting with neoprene sleeve (on top of the silicon) and getting even better results.
That's how it looks with the 2 silicon sleeves :

If anyone finds a better solution please share .

BTW : I am getting excellent shots from the picopresso, comparable to my cafelat robot. I am using niche zero and 1zpresso jx-pro to grind.


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And this is with the neoprene sleeve on top.

It's doing a great job but I don't like how it looks ... since I had to modify the sleeves with Scissors ...

The picopresso is a very capable device.
I hope wacaco will add accessories like: heat retention sleeve, pressure gauge and a stand .


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I like it. So, how effective is it with regards to maintaining the temperature output?


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Did anyone notice that there is a small circle in the middle of the shower screen where the holes are not punctured? I would think it's done to prevent water going straight through when leaving the rubber seal.

Would water even reach the outer edges of the screen? I've ordered an Aliexpress puck screen (1mm thick and 150um holes). Wondering if that will improve my shots


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My shower screen doesn't have this kind of circle. I think the circle is an improvement, because my puck often has a dent in the middle. The IMS shower screen of my big espresso machine also has no holes in the center, I think this improves distibution. I also ordered a puck screen for my picopresso and hope for an improvement of extraction.

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Mukka wrote: I also ordered a puck screen for my picopresso and hope for an improvement of extraction.
Just out of curiosity, which puck screen did you order? My Picopresso should be arriving today, so I'll get some hands on time with it over the weekend.
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