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I have a MyPressi Twist as well as the original Nanopresso. The Twist always made exceptional espresso but is a bit cumbersome and requires cartridges, whereas the Nano is more convenient but only made just OK espresso. Neither of them get much use. With the improvements that I see in the Pico, I'm probably going to pick one up for travel and expect it will get quite a bit more use than the others. I have a Handground grinder for travel but am anxious to see what Wacaco comes out with next.

I'm thinking that I can mitigate the heat/handling issue with some sort of neoprene cozy or something.


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I also own a Nanopresso and used it unpressurized when I have it at home with a quality grinder. It was the build quality of the Nanopresso that made me not hesitate preordering the Picopresso.
I feel like the espresso from the Nanopresso in unpressurized mode is very similar to a lever machine with small diameter baskets. The espresso from a very old Gaggia Gilda tastes quite the same. It also has a very narrow basket and I guess that is the reason.

The Picopresso uses a 52mm basket but it is almost the same size as a post-millennium La Pavoni and the baskets are interchangeable. If you have a newer La Pavoni the Picopresso is a very good addition. I already tried dialling in coffees on my Pavoni and then using the same dose and grind size on the Picopresso. It works really well and is probably a good option for someone who travels often and does not want to go without their preferred espresso ;)

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that's a great suggestion. I don't have a La Pavoni (or pico) but I did a quick search and it seems post-2000 baskets are 51.5mm (I'm sure you could verify that). the pico, of course, is 52 but it would be interesting to actually measure the differences of them as the pico and La Pavoni may be the same and the pico may just round-up for marketing (for example does the pico tamper fit the La Pavoni basket). being interchangeable with a more recognized brand like La Pavoni makes the pico a more desirable purchase as high-quality baskets/tamper will be widely available. when a brand is too proprietary then it is limited to what the manufacture produces plus locks you into that brand on levels that I think are greedy on the manufacturer's part. Knowing you can shop outside of Wacaco (deliberate or not) from existing widely available sources makes the pico easier to buy. Not to say that the pico's tamper/basket are poor quality, it's just good to have other options available.


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I will take measurements tomorrow. But as far as I can remember the tamper size is pretty much the same. The Pavoni baskets are a bit wider on top so the fit is tighter. The basket of the Picopresso seems to have smaller holes and maybe some kind of coating like a VST/IMS basket. Their funnel is also very good and has the same inner diameter as the basket so you can tamp right through the funnel.
But I have heard from someonewho said their Pavoni baskets were too wide to fit them into the Picopresso. It seems Pavoni may have changed the basket format a little bit.


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The stock Pavoni baskets are not very precise, they will vary some.


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I measured the baskets from a newer La Pavoni and the Picopresso. The first picture is always the Pavoni and the second the Picopresso. Inner diameter seems to be exactly the same but the Pavoni basket has a wider collar which makes it 1mm longer in diameter but it still just fits into the Picopresso. The Picopresso basket can also be used in the Pavoni without problem. The tamper of the Picopresso is a perfect fit for both baskets making it obsolete to get an aftermarket precision tamper.


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The holes from the Picopresso are a bit smaller and it has a little bit more of them. I guess the Picopresso basket have been manufactured similarly to VST or IMS baskets.
The collar on the Picopresso is flat while the one from the Pavoni is curved which makes the Picopresso funnel not sit stable on it.


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Just picked up a picopresso and have pulled around a dozen shots with it so far. I'm trying to not unfairly compare it with the GS3, or even the flair, and evaluate it based on its own merits. The espresso is overall pretty good, but there are some obvious extraction difficulties. To me the shots seem like the temperature is too low, regardless of how much preheating I do. The pressure seems good, but it's hard to gauge how much is actually being applied to the coffee. If I grind too fine, I get this strange hissing noise from the top, and I imagine that's from some pressure leaking from too fine a grind.
So backing off the grind from that, and preheating as aggressively as possible, I can get what I'd call a balanced shot with my usual light roasted coffees but it takes higher extraction ratios (closer to 3:1). Darker roasts, on the other hand, are easier to pull at 2:1 ratio and still be very good, but this still requires a good pre-heat to taste well enough extracted.
Overall, it seems like I'm trading off some shot quality for its ridiculously small size. It's also just fun to use, and IMO easier than the lever from a flair to both set up and apply pressure. The trade-off I think will be worth it in some settings (eg. carrying to work or to a friend's house for an afternoon), while other times I'll lug around the extra weight and space for my flair (eg. traveling somewhere I may stay for a few days).
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Arg.... has anyone been experiencing water leaking between the basket holder and the body of the picopresso?

Upon closer inspection I realized the shower screen has a lip that sits ontop of the basket. So that means when assembled its metal on metal... and thats where I am thinking it is leaking from


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It is not sealing because you are missing a part. There is a light grey gasket disc in which you put the shower screen. The shower screen then sits inside the silicone gasket and the basket will press against the silicone.