Pasquini Livia 90 3D printed larger drain tray

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#1: Post by hankbates »

A big design deficiency is the undersized plastic standard drain tray, which has been a nuisance to many owners over the years as it fills way too rapidly for many users.
The tray is shown here: ... n-livia-90

Only this one size is available from Pasquini/Bezzera. For a while Pasquini offered a deeper stainless version, but it was discontinued long ago. I haven't been able to get any info from them as to how it was produced, but something similar could be easily designed for 3D printing.

When the tray is made deeper there would have to be supports in each corner to allow the existing grid to be kept at the proper height.
I would be happy to make up a sketch but have no experience with the manufacture. I would think this would work something like what is happening in the lever forum for a better fitting drip tray for early La Pavonis.

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hankbates (original poster)

#2: Post by hankbates (original poster) »

Now that the smaller standard plastic tray appears to be no longer available, it may be time to revisit this post.
If they are to be remade, using a deeper tray but retaining the standard grid would be the way to go.

Two trays and two grids are shown on the parts diagrams from Bezzera/Pasquini: Items 9&10.

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#3: Post by carlyraeas »

I can't help with the 3-D print design but I would be 100% down to buy one, especially if someone designs to print the deeper stainless steel version. Also would be interested in buying either tray if anyone has one! I can't find them anywhere.


#4: Post by carlyraeas »

Update - I spoke with tech at Pasquini and they said keep an eye out for new stainless drain trays out next month (Feb 2021).