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Maybe Bezzera uses 2 spring to be 'in balance' with the relatively high pre-infusion pressure by the pump?
I agree with BSdV that the lower pressure makes for smoother shots.
There is a pressure transducer on the way, so hopefully I can measure the pressure profiles of 1 and 2 springs within a couple of weeks.


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How can I get better clarity/aroma? I'm a beginner with this machine, have read this whole thread and taken lots of notes. I've watched Jim's videos. I grind finer and dose higher. I experiment with pressure profiling some. None the less, my shots tend to come out with a kind of muted, blended aroma - not interesting. The shots tend to be thick and have more body than I'm used to, and the smell is diminished and indistinct. Basically, I'm concerned with fruity/floral light roasts. Warez my notes at??

My daily driver is a Flair Pro/Signature, where I do a lot of pressure profiling. I'm quite comfortable with the machine, and can produce quite good, consistent results, whether I'm looking for a thicker chocolatey shot for a latte, or a fruity-floral allonge, turbo, etc.

My general setup is to grind fine enough so that the first drips happen as the pump is quieting, about 10" after being turned on. Unless I"m trying to pressure profile, I don't hold the lever for PI or retard it during extraction. I am using the stock 14g basket dosed to 18g in, 36g out, or using a LM precision 7g single basket, 8.5g in, 34g out (depends on the type of coffee I'm using). Shot time is between 30-50", dialled in by taste. Flush time depends on the degree of roast, 0" or 2" for light/medium beans, 4" for medium-dark beans. All beans are pulled on the Flair before I go to the Strega.

I sometimes measure the flow rates with a BT scale, and they tend to be slower than on the Flair. I have tried reduced pressure on the Strega by letting the pump run only 6-7" and retarding the lever to a very slow flow rate, but that didn't help - although I have only tried a couple times, maybe I need to try more.

Am I grinding too fine/dosing too high? I feel like the low flow rates tend to produce more body and mute/blend aromas? I'm used to fruity/floral light roasts with much thinner body. Thoughts?

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Try some longer quicker shots. If you can't extract them like that, try messing with your brew temperature.
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I'd try one or the other. First I'd go lower dose if you're dialed in with another machine. Fresh light roasts can do a bit of blooming and need a bit of headspace. I'd check the top of the puck to see if there's a showerscreen indent. If there is dosing down until there isn't might help.

You could try a VST basket. I went from the stock to VST and the extractions went from bordering on ristretto to turbo with much less crema, more volume and more acidic fruit flavour. My machine has an IMS showerscreen.

My Strega is giving me consistently the driest pucks I've ever experienced. I think the soft preinfusion and ramping down spring pressure encourages even wetting to produce a puck with more resistance and less prone to channeling. For less resistance on really dark roasts I try reduce tamp pressure. I also grind coarser.

You could try to not flush at all and when you pull down stop just before the pump engages, hold for 10sec or so, let the lever rise to just where extraction starts, pull down again to just before the pump engages, hold another 10sec or so, let the lever lift to where extraction starts then let go. Kind of a spring lever fellini move. I do that kind of pull for dark roasts to keep the pressure down to prevent over extraction. With a light roast you might under extract with pressure but the higher heat of a no flush could compensate for that.

Also, if your in a cold climate, I find the grind setting that works for hot days tends to be too fine on cold days. It might be that the burrs are, like a razor, sharper because of the cold and grinding either finer or with more fines.
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Grinding coarser may increase the flow rate to match your Flair. I've had some interesting results by grinding a little on the coarse side, then retarding the lever after release very gently to get a longer lasting, slightly lower pressure, shot. Tends to bring out some more fruity flavours. Shot may be thinner but more distinct flavours.
However, after a year with the Strega, I must say I am still learning. Thanks to those who have made suggestions, and I look forward to hearing what others might say. It all helps!


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Has anyone experienced the problem when water passes unevenly through a shower screen? This happens all the time. I use both rotating WDT and distributor tools (hence it's not a puck prep problem), plus it can be reproduced even without a portafilter.

The water comes more at the side of the handle, about 60/40 or 70/30. The coffee machine is placed on a completely leveled surface.

I think it can have a big effect on extraction and taste.

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I don't believe this affects the taste of the coffee.

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brz wrote:... The coffee machine is placed on a completely leveled surface.
Just wondering - have you checked that the group itself is level? You can adjust group's degree of level by turning the machine's feet.
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My stock showerscreen used to be a bit uneven on the flush. An IMS precision showerscreen upgrade made the flush more even.

Grounds and residues can build up inside the screen. Popping the gasket and screen every now and then could help the shower even out.

Uneven extraction could be a lot of things. I bang the puck out after every shot on a plastic yogurt container lid to check it out for any signs of stuff like channeling, uneven distribution or tamping. On dark roasts I try not to tamp too hard but on light roasts I gorilla it. Still I get fast and what looks like channeling pours on light roasts which I believe is to be expected. The extractions taste good.
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Which screen did you use exactly? I was under the impression that they wouldn't stay in place so I wrote them off. I'd like to try one.
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