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So... just posting a "me too" here on Strega. I have had mine for over 5 years now, and the other day it started "exploding", like the sound a big steam engine makes when it first starts out, "POOF". And then a few minutes later, "POOF". I have it connected to a timer that turns on at 5:30AM so it will be nice and hot when I get up to make my morning cappuccinos. Well, you can imagine that the sound of a few "explosions" was enough to get me out of bed early.

It turned out that the machine evinced two symtoms. Either it wouldn't warm up at all, staying at pressure 0, or it wouldn't *stop* warming up and the resulting excess pressure would eventually burst out of the safety release valve in a most alarming manner.

Long story short, I had the *exact* same problem reported by "Vitriol" back in 2015; an old, corroded and malfunctioning relay. The spare part was $75 from 1st line. Expensive, and I kind of wanted to replace it with an SSR, but I didn't want to do the work to find the right part and work out the wiring so I just used the OEM part.

Here's Vitriol's original post: No pressure/heat from Bezzera Strega

And here's a picture of my own burned out relay:

For anyone who needs to do this repair, let me advise you that it is entirely unnecessary to remove the entire stainless steel case; in fact it won't even help. Instead, just remove 4 screws from the access plate at the bottom of the machine then gently ease the metal control box out through the open port. The relay is screwed into the box and easily replaced.

p.s. I used to run this Strega on reverse-osmosis water and got very familiar with the sound of the relay chattering quickly; so I guess that hastened its decline. I now use distilled water with a pinch of baking soda every few tanks. No chatter, ever.


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Hi I think I have some issues with my pump.I have my strega 5 years.This happens once in a 2-3 months.When I open my machine the pump starts working a few seconds...not always.After I pull down my lever it doesn't work so normal...it's making a bit more noisy pump and it's working much more than usual to bring the water in my portafilter.The last time I put some citric acid to see if it's working better and it did..but now after one month almost it did it again....Is it the pump or should I check something else?

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The boiler refill will make the pump run a few seconds at startup. That's normal. If the pump is slow at the beginning of the shot; it might be the OPV (over pressure valve) or you may need to replace it -- five years is about average for these pump's life.
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Had the Strega in for repair and now the drip tray doesn't lock to the the body as before. Can't figure out how it connected with the case. Would someone please explain how it's done or direct me to a source that can show me what to do? Contacted the dealer where I purchased it and they couldn't help me.

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Sorry, but I am just posting to say that I have looked at my setup and I see nothing obvious.

Right now the left (my left) side does nothing, but the right side closes as if there is a very weak magnet acting when it closes. (I didn't see any magnet.)

However, I can change the 'strength' of closing by adjusting the level of the machine. For example, if I extend the two feet at the back of the machine, then the 'strength' disappears. On the other hand, if I extend just the front two feet, then the 'strength' increases.

Perhaps the machine is now in a slightly different location, or, if the machine was previously levelled, then maybe the service technician screwed all the feet in all the way?

Hope this helps. Good luck!
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Catherwood wrote:Had the Strega in for repair and now the drip tray doesn't lock to the the body as before. Can't figure out how it connected with the case. Would someone please explain how it's done or direct me to a source that can show me what to do? Contacted the dealer where I purchased it and they couldn't help me.
Let's see if I can articulate this issue as I've had it happen to me:
On my Strega when fitting the case "shroud" and fastening the screws it's important to fit the drip tray at the same time. If you pull that shroud all the way forward when screwing it in place you can prevent the drip tray from reaching the point of "locking" in place. It works fine without the drip tray clicking into place though.
You can use an allen wrench and loosen up the shroud, fit the drip tray and then re-tighten the shroud again.

Hopefully that's your issue.
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I had the same issue but a little worst.

I had to replace my heating element because it finally popped a fuse every time I turned the machine on.

Your heating element is starting to fail the sign is burning/melting connectors from drawing more current.

I ordered a new heater and gasket and replaced my heater. Not a big deal.

Now works great again.

I have had my Strega for 10 years. So far so good.

zara wrote:well, after five years my machine tried to immolate itself. As the machine was warming up I noticed an electrical burning smell (kind of an astringent burnt popcorn and plastic smell). Shut her down and was able to get under the hood today. Kind of scary considering many of us have these machines on outlet timers and leave them unattended :shock:

Found the relay behind the power switch to be the culprit as well as some scorching on one of the wire leads to the boiler.
Has anyone seen anything similar?




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Hello I'm doing some deep research before pulling the trega on the strega , is the very tight portafilter fit issue resolved on new machines ?
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Sorry it's my first time hearing the problem.
My Strega is the 2nd version, and I have replaced the gasket with Cafelat E61 red (taller) which has made a super tight portafilter.
As many of the members here, I also overdose, and overdosing also requires tight portafilter X gasket.

Just go with it! Awesome machine :)


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Hi everyone! New Bezzera Strega owner here. Finally got my machine the other day. Still trying to figure everything out...

I have a question concerning the opv. I have seen it discussed here quite a bit especially in the earlier pages of this thread. I have not been 100% satisfied with the espresso I produce (manly lacking a bit of mouth feel and texture and also crema I think...)

I have read about some of you talking about the pump switching off after a few seconds during pre infusion. Mine does not do that. Instead, after a few seconds the opv opens up and pushes out quite a steady stream of water. Shortly after the first few drops appear and when the lever is released the flow from the opv stops. I have shot a quick video of my extraction to illustrate.

I use the standard double basket with 16g in aiming for a 1:2 ratio.

Extraction starts around 1:15
Is this something I should be worried about? Could this be down to user error? Would love some feedback.

Thanks a lot in advance.

EDIT: Looking at the video I realised that my shot took quite a long time. I have gone back and used a little coarser ground which improved the time but did not change anything about the opv and surprisingly tasted worse then that very long extranction from the video...