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Link wrote:hansing80, looks like you got figured out. Do you notice any taste difference from your 9 bar brew pressure ?
I've just pulled a couple of shots at 9bar and I think the taste difference is not that huge.
It is milder than at 10bar, but the aroma is weak. I will go with a light roasted bean in a few days.
I think both 9bar and 10bar is good. It's just up to your taste.

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hansing80 wrote:FYI, the pump pressure is not same with the actual brew pressure, so if the pump pressure gauge indicates 10 bar, the actual brew pressure could be low than that.
When I connect a PF with pressure gauge, both pressure gauges (the one on the front panel of the Rocket and the one on the E61 brew head) show the same values.

I just found this thread, after reading Erics response to a posting I wrote yesterday:

Brew pressure profiling with front panel controlled dual OPV

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Well, here's hoping that what I have typed in both of these threads is consistent. In the coming months, someone will possibly disassemble that section of the machine and we will all learn exactly what is there.

The response that was received from Rocket is missing a few sentences.

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