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HB wrote:Do you mean the portafilter ears? Or the group channel? Either way, if the ears/channel is too worn, the tell is the lock-in position. If it's way past the normal lock-in position, you can add a shim gasket underneath the grouphead gasket (pre-made for common group sizes, otherwise you have to make your own).
Thanks Dan.

So my PF locks in at a normal position at a little past 6 o'clock between 6 and 5.. There is wear as the machine is circa 1984.

I think the OE gaskets will work as I had that in the machine before and never had a leak until recently when they needed to be replaced. I measured the OE gasket versus the Olympia gaskets and they are indeed thicker.

Hopefully they aren't different otherwise a new group it is

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A little past 6 o'clock? That doesn't sound like the channel or ears are that worn at all. Maybe the gasket is just hardened; that happens if you leave the machine on a lot, especially with the portafilter locked in tightly.
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