Olympia Maximatic Group (49mm) Slightly Too Small for Baskets

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Hello friends,
Hope this is the proper forum for this post. I've recently purchased a 49mm Olympia Maximatic group to replace my 54mm one (a simple swap!), but my 49mm baskets are having a hard time actually fitting into the new group. I can put in the portafilter sans basket without a problem, so the actual portafilter fits properly, but when there's a basket it refuses to even go in. This isn't a problem with the gasket; the actual basket seems to be ever so slightly too wide for the portafilter (I can see the edges of the basket slightly overlap the cutout on the group).

For reference, I've tried using the following portafilters:
https://coffee-sensor.com/product/la-pa ... ess-steel/
49mm Elektra MCAL Portafilter
Olympia Maximatic 49mm Portafilter

And the following baskets:
49mm aftermarket Pavoni double basket
20g Elektra Double baskets

Has anyone else had this problem, or have any advice on how to rectify the issue? I have an IMS Precision basket coming in the mail, but I'm worried I'll run into the same problem.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi, Yes I had a problem with some baskets that would fit my Olympia Cremina(49mm group head) but not my Pasquini Livietta(Olympia Maximatic with Pasquini badging) 49mm group head. Like you say it looks like the rim of the basket just is a little too large in diameter, and it won't go into the group head.

I had good luck taking it to a fine sanding belt(120-150grit), and sanding a little off the edge until the basket would fit my group head. I have also done this shaping with a hand file, but it takes a lot longer... just have to be patient. It is only a matter of about 0.5 mm that needed to be sanded off my baskets. Yours maybe require more or less...
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