Arriving: NURRI GTO Espresso Machine

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I have been following with interest the professional: Nurri L-TYPE LEVA espresso machine. And it has been followed and written about in our Lever machine forum.
I have also been interested in his auto espresso machine called the GTO.
I had written to Antonio Nurri regarding his development of the GTO espresso machine..
He has developed it now to begin manufacturing 50 units as prototypes for evaluation before its rollout.
I'm extremely excited that there is a possibility they will be for sale after the summer. Also, the added benefit for me, is its compact size (10" wide )
and also its terrific design features.
++-Additional a triple PID that controls the brew boiler, the steam boiler and the separate electric group heat element.

(The small drain shelf is not so small. It more of a photographic illusion.)

Description taken off website:
META late 2022. Contact us for further information (pricing guesstimate ~$3.5k).~~
This innovative dual boiler pressure profiling machine simplifies pressure profiling in a compact and value for money package. It will be available in black, white and stainless with optional zebrano touch points on all variants.
The GTO provides PID controlled stable temperature and manual control of extraction pressure via a side-mounted rotary knob. The barista has full control of preinfusion, pressure as well as shot volume and duration. The actively heated ring group allow the machine to be thermostable in under 10 minutes: no more long waits for that morning coffee!
* Full 430 stainless body
* Dual boiler ring group- this allows for rapid (<10 min) warm-up period.
* manual pressure profiling via rotary control
* Stainless steel boilers: Brew 0.8L, steam 1.8L (each with 1000W element)
* Vibration pump and shot timer
* Temperature regulation via 3 channel PID
* Water supply- via reservoir or mains water
* Gauges: brew pressure
* Accessories: Single and double portafilter with optional naked portafilter (Australian standard specification TBA)
* Dimensions: 255 x 450 x 335 (w x d x h)..... 10 inch + 18 inch + 13 inch.
* Mass: tba
* Power requirements: 230V 10A 2200 (and included 120v for US clients)