Nuova Simonelli Oscar II owners, what are some tips you have for your workflow?

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#1: Post by partick »

I'm just getting the hang of this machine now and dialing in shots, but I'm curious about optimal workflows around using it.

How do you all use it? I've heard about people purging too much water and shots not running fully, some recommending needing to purge for 2-3 seconds immediately before shots. I read someone pulls a shot of old beans and dumping it (which doesn't seem great for home and I'll ignore).

I've noticed shots can take a long time to start to drip, but then flow pretty decently or fast. I'm not sure if maybe I purged too much, or not recent enough before my shot, or if that has any effect really.

Please let me know your workflow tips for getting great shots with this machine!


#2: Post by stump007 »

I always flush 2 or 3 seconds after each shot. Per user manual, you shouldn't flush longer than that.
I seldom flush before shot, just sometimes for the first shot of the day, just to feel confident the grouphead is hot.

As an indication, typically, it takes me ~10-15seconds for the coffee to start flowing.

About the flow rate, unless you have the corrected version with OPV (called Oscar II "Professional"), you will be stuck at 15bar, therefore, you need to grind quite fine and the channeling is tough to manage. You can upgrade it with the fix NS sells (called "Professional pack" but that can only be installed by an approved dealer...) or do the mod yourself with an OPV kit. I don't have the OPV either (I'm replacing the machine soon).

My typical workflow is:
  • Grind
  • Use OCD to attempt preventing channeling
  • Tamp - being extra careful to be level
  • Pull the shot - I don't use the timer feature, I set it for something super long like 50s, and then I interrupt it manually when I get the desired amount
  • Flush for 2-3secs and wipe the shower every so often

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partick (original poster)

#3: Post by partick (original poster) »

Great, thanks for the insight into your routine! Wonder if I should get an OCD, they look pretty satisfying to use...

I've been flushing before for a second to get some of the water and sometimes steam out, and then I've always flushed at the end with espresso machines as a habit to flush out any residual coffee. I'm wondering if my pre-brew flush could have some effect on my shots ending sooner than usual some times. This hasn't happened today, where I've maybe 50 ml after warm-up, and a quick one second flush immediately before shots, but I'll do a few shots tomorrow morning without flushing pre-brew and see how that goes.

I don't think I have the professional version, but I do have an OPV kit installed by the place I bought the machine from though.

I've just been doing a couple shots today and it does seem like the initial drips take a while on this machine, mine are pretty consistent at around 5-10 seconds. I think programming a button to be more of a manual shot is a great idea, I'm going to have to copy that!


#4: Post by geoiron »

Hello Patric. You have to cool flush the Oscar II before every use, till the steam stops exiting from the group. If the duration of the flush is longer than 5 seconds then I would recommend backflushing before the extraction. By this method the HX tube will remain full of water. Don't waste coffee. The cooling flush before the extraction is mandatory though.