Nuova Simonelli Oscar 1 bad aftertaste

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Hi all
New to the game. Just received an old Oscar v1 from a friend. Working fine, however it has a bad after taste coming from the group head. He feels it's coming from the boiler as it is the only place he couldn't have a look at. Has been cleaned and flushed many times but no luck.

Any ideas?



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What is your puck prep routine? What kind of grinder do you have?

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Is this aftertaste present in the water alone? Try drawing some of the water from the grouphead into a glass, allowing it to cool, and tasting it. It may taste a little flat since it's boiled water, but that would rule out your friend's thinking that it's the boiler.

PS: Keep in mind the Oscar is a heat exchanger espresso machine -- you never drink water from the steam boiler. See Heat Exchanger vs. Double Boiler Espresso Machines for longer explanation.
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aerohaith (original poster)

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I've not tried it myself yet, but previous owner is pretty consistent and experienced. He also has sette 270.

aerohaith (original poster)

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Yes, drinking the water was more trying to trace where the problem is. Hence thinking it could be coming from the boiler (as the only part that was not inspected).

I will give it ago in a couple of days once received.

In case, water still tastes bad after cooling, where do I go from here?