Nuova Simonelli Musica - a lot of steam coming from group

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Hey guys, I just got a used NS Musica Lux. It worked fine for about two weeks. Earlier today I kinda ran through a whole water tank, while programming the shot times (idk if this info may help). While doing that it was totally fine, but later today I wanted to make a cortado and noticed, the espresso was running really slow. I let it run without a portafilter and it was steaming a lot from the group. It kinda resolves after 6-8 seconds or so, but immediately comes back, if I stop and restart a shot. (Usually it ist just steaming for 3 secs or so in the beginning, bc its a heat exchanger, if I start a shot after the steaming has stopped, it doesnt start steaming and hissing again.)

Why could that be?, What do I have to do or replace to fix this?

here is a little video, yes I know the low water led turned on, but the steaming happens with a full tank aswell.


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The brew tube which is heat exchange tube in the boiler for Musica as well as Oscar I and II are smaller than well known E61s, E61s are protruding on the boiler which these typically have larger volume than Musica, it was estimated that Musicas has 160-180ml in the exchange tube, so less water in the tube and much higher flow rate due to lack of flow restrictor, it runs out of water, that's the steam part that you are experiencing. It requires two flow restrictors to slow the water flow down to 12-15ml/s to get normal shots experience.

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Okay, how would I do that and what parts do i need? Like I said, it has worked fine, the only thing I found was that the Pressostat may be defective but idk xD

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I just looked into this a bit, i think you mean the gigleurs? My question now is: How do I install these?


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There is a video posted by that company, although it's Oscar I installation, but the same for Musica, however I'm not sure that gigglur is compatible for Musica.

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Hey guys, its been a bit of time:
I installed the gicleurs, the steam problem dissapeared, but: The water flow is still extremely fast (which I think might be the reason to all the grounds that land inside the cup) With the IMS screen the water is not dripping out but shooting in streams, with the stock screen it binds into one stream but still extremely strong stream. I think thats also why I have that sour channeling taste in basically every shot (even though I use the MHW 3Bomber puck screens) and also have super inconsistent results in taste and brew time. Some come out nice and slow but some shots just finish in 15 sec or so.


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It seems like you have a problem with the non-return valve 01000090. It's made out of plastic and breaks easily.

Check the section 8 from elektros: ... paragrafo8

For the shot inconsistency issue you describe, I would rather suspect your grinder/coffee.