Nuova Simonelli Ellimatic is an awesome espresso machine!

Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

#1: Post by F9zSlavik »

How does this compare to an Oscar? Are there any other espresso machines similar to this? She heats up within 4-5 minutes! Finally got a PF and she makes fantastic shots. How is this machine no longer made? I hear great things about Rancilio Silvia but why do I feel this Elli is still one of a kind machine?

Most importantly I want to keep this machine working for as long as possible. What can I do to keep this girl working 100%? Is it better to keep a machine on all day vs only turning it on when you need to use it? I also have a Cimbali Jr but there is just something about this that I love!


#2: Post by BogongTiger »

I don't know about the Elli. I have an Oscar 1 and yesterday I bought a new machine to replace it. It should arrive next week.

However, after making superb coffees this morning, all of a sudden I'm realising just how much I love the Oscar and I don't know if I'll be able to part with it - lol.

I think I'll hang onto it for a couple of months to make sure I've done the right thing :D