Nuova Simonelli Appia 2 Compact flashing lights and no brew.

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#1: Post by ritter_dylan »

Hello, I recently replaced the motherboard on an Appia 2 Compact and everything was running smoothly until I drove it to the location where it lives and now when the barista goes to brew... the lights for the selected delivery key and the continuous brew button both flash and no water comes out of either brew head. Please for the love of god help. Thanks


#2: Post by jpboyt »

No signal from the flowmeter...


#3: Post by Ellejaycafe »

Either the flow meter, scale, or low pressure from your mains. All of these could be caused by scale or even an old water filter. Look at the appia manual online and i think it will tell you that the blinking lights mean low flow or not enough pressure... could be the pump also, but you'd probably know if it was the pump going bad. I'd say more than likely scale blocking something up.
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