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#11: Post by Psyd »

JonR10 wrote:Kinda like wearing chaps with no pants....not that I would know anything about THAT! 8)
'Kay, someone hand me the mind's-eye bleach... ; >

Very steam-punk. Could be a marketing thing for the new up and comer straight-arrow coffee-not-dope Goth kids who have discovered that brown is the new black.
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#12: Post by yakster »

Yeah, your chaps portafilter would go well with a Cremina or Ponte Vecchio Export that has a partially exposed boiler by modifying the case.

Kind of like that book Modernist Cuisine that shows all the food prep methods (excepting coffee) with cutaway pictures so you can see what's going on inside the process.

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#13: Post by HB »

Such a cool idea Ray! I've taken the liberty of moving this thread to the Espresso Machines forum since it's not particular to levers. No doubt you'll be getting purchase requests for a "chaps portafilter" soon. :lol:
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#14: Post by RayJohns (original poster) »

yakster wrote:I like the look of this and am interested in hearing how it performs. The look is quite appealing, almost a deconstructed portafilter.

As to the temperature of the shots, this brings up something I've been doing since I fired up my Gaggia Factory with the included bottomless portafilter, I've been pulling my shots into room temp demitasses because the espresso shots were hot enough without pre-heating the cups. I hesitated to mention this in the forums because I felt that pre-heating the cups was conventional wisdom, and I'd always done it on my La Peppina, but it works pretty well with the bottomless portafilter on the Factory.
I agree with you on the room temperature cups. That's how I do it and I prefer the lower temperature of the final shots. But even with the room temperature cups (and the naked portafilter) the final shot is still usually a bit too hot for my taste. When I get shots from our local Peet's coffee (where they use a very large portafilter), they are noticeably cooler and easier on the tongue (as far as heat goes).

Unless you enjoy drinking boiling water, I really don't see the point of heating up the cup.


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RayJohns (original poster)

#15: Post by RayJohns (original poster) »

Here's a video of it in action for the first time:
My grind was off a bit, but it still worked pretty well.

I pulled a few shots after recording this video and they were really good. I think the spout has accomplished its goal of cooling down the espresso prior to hitting the cup. The quality of the shots seems to be noticeably improved; the temperature is much more in line with what I'm seeking. It seems the creme is also better quality (less burnt), which gives the espresso much more of a smoothness to it.


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#16: Post by Bluecold »

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#17: Post by John F »

Well....I have no idea on functionality but that looks all kinds of cool.
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#18: Post by yakster »

Nice video, looks great. Thanks for sharing.

I think you could clean up the mental image by calling it a garter belt portafilter for the La Pavoni, but if I put one on my Tin Man (Gaggia Factory), I guess you'd have to call it a chaps portafilter.

Kind of the best of both worlds, I'm surprised how well you can still see the bottom of the basket.

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#19: Post by dcupstateNY »

Ray ... great job ... another great video! I'm new to the La Pavoni/lever world and I must say, I have viewed all of your videos, and appreciate the "detail". I sense and appreciate your passion. Thanks for sharing!!

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#20: Post by rbh1515 »

Very nice. Now u just need to manufacture and sell. I'll buy one. I like. does need a good name, and I've got the proper name. Remember the other one is called the naked or the bottomless portafilter. Since this one has a top and a bottom------>>bikini portafilter!!
Who wouldn't buy it with that name!?
Chapps???? Nice try John.