Noisy boiler-fill on plumbed in Profitec Pro 800

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#1: Post by bebevete »

I recently bought a Pro 800. The machine is plumbed-in, and according to many reports on the internet, the machine should work "totally without noise" this way. I have both switches in the correct position. And the machine works as it should. Only thing is that when the boiler is being filled I hear a sound as if the vibration pump is running during filling. It's not exactly the same sound (and it's not the pump) but the sound is similar and just as loud. Are there other plumbed-in Pro 800 owners who experience the same? Or is the machine "totally quiet" with you?


#2: Post by JRising »

There aren't a lot of things in a Pro 800 that could sound like vibe pump... But there is a vibe pump.

If you disconnect one of the leads to the pump does it stop sounding like the vibe pump is running? That would help you determine which component is making the noise. It would be very strange for a solenoid valve to rattle away at 60hz and sound a bit pump-like, but maybe not physically impossible. I don't know, I can't hear what you can.

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#3: Post by okmed »

Do you have a pressure regulator on your water supply line ?

bebevete (original poster)

#4: Post by bebevete (original poster) »

Nope. No pressure regulator. Could it possibly be over-pressure?
When I slowly "close" the valve on the back of the machine during boiler-fill, the sound changes. And almost disappears when the valve is halfway open (or halfway closed :-) )


#5: Post by okmed »

I would say that is the problem. Most manufacturers recommend the supply pressure be no greater than 2.5 to 3 bar.
I suggest you get a pressure regulator and set it up accordingly.

bebevete (original poster)

#6: Post by bebevete (original poster) »

Thanks for your suggestion Okmed. I might do that.
On the other hand I'm wondering if the "solution" I found (by closing the valve halfway) couldn't be permanent.
My line pressure is around 3,5 bar. I have had an Expobar Brewtus 4 on that line for over 10 years. And good old Pablo (Expobar) never complained!
What do you guys think? Should I really buy a pressure regulator when my line pressure is just a tad high??


#7: Post by JRising »

The manual says 2-3 Bars. If the manual suggests it, it's probably a good idea.

I am still wondering what is sounding like a vibe pump if it isn't actually running, but if reducing the pressure will solve it, so be it. What water treatment system do you use? You can probably get a pressure regulator that fits in nicely with it.

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bebevete (original poster)

#8: Post by bebevete (original poster) »

Yeah I guess you're right ;-). And better safe than sorry...
I'm using a Brita Purity C50 Quell ST to soften and filter my water.