No pressure on double spout portafilter Profitec Pro 500

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#1: Post by lucie »

I own a brand new Profitec Pro 500. When I use the single spout portafilter, the pressure is perfect and I get a great creama. But as soon as I use the double spout portafilter, the pressure doesn't go more than 4bars. Yes, I have tried to grind my coffee finer. Yes I put enough coffee in the portafilter.
I don't understand why everything works fine with the single one but not the double. Any advices? :?


#2: Post by chipman »

Do the double and single portafilters both have the same size baskets in them?


#3: Post by lucie »

no the double is double the size of the single. therefore, I put exactly the double amount of coffee in it. Which is full to the max. :?


#4: Post by chipman »

Are you saying that no coffee is coming out when you use the double basket? Are you weighing the amount of grounds for each basket? What size baskets are they, and how much are you using? Your problem doesn't make sense on the face of it. Try putting 14-16 gm. in the double basket and grind a little coarser to see if that changes things a bit. You may be choking the machine.


#5: Post by mycatsnameisbernie »

Is the shot running too fast? If so, you need to grind finer. You should be able to grind fine enough to choke the machine with the double basket. What grinder are you using?


#6: Post by lucie »

the machine is not choking. it is coming out, but no pressure. The coffee is ground fine, Fresh and good quality. Again;
I have no issue with the pressure (9bar) on single shot. (7-8gm)
Same coffee goes in the The double witch is (14-16 gm). No pressure (4bar)
I can't explain it more. I really don't get it. We have tried different kind of coffee. They all work well in the single but not the double....


#7: Post by thoang77 » replying to lucie »

Are these the stock double and single baskets? Singles and doubles, even of the same brand, do not behave similarly to one another. Most people have found they cannot just go from a double basket to a single without making, possibly significant, grind adjustments due to the change in bed depth and/or basket geometry. The precision baskets from IMS and VST try to tackle this problem in different ways and while it's better than most, it's still not perfect.

In short, don't expect to maintain grind sizes between single and double baskets


#8: Post by mycatsnameisbernie »

lucie wrote:the machine is not choking. it is coming out, but no pressure.
You need to grind finer. As others have said, the grind size for the single vs. double will be very different. If your grinder is set to grind as fine as possible, then there may be an issue with your grinder. What grinder are you using?


#9: Post by lucie »

Ok, it worked. but I had to grind it fine enough for a Turkishes coffee. Not ideal. But at least I got some pressure.


#10: Post by lucie »

Is there a good grinder out there that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Anything good for less than $200 for my Profitec 500?