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After I discovered Erics thermocouple adapter I had to admit that he had already done what I was planning to do and it would be a whole lot lower cost to just buy Erics adapter than to design and build my own. Faster too.
Follows are a couple pictures showing how nicely it worked for me.
The dimensions used for my Wega Lyra:

And installed and operational.

There is not a lot of clearance for the adapter and thermocouple with the Wega Lyra but it does fit when used with the Omega HTTC36-T-18G-2 thermocouple.

I needed to calibrate my meter so that when the thermocouple was immersed in boiling water it would display 98.8 degrees C (compensation for my elevation of 1000 feet above sea level).

Summary: Erics adapter is very good.