No boiler pressure on new Elektra T1 Sixties

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Just bought a new Elektra T1 Sixties and it's heating up but there's no boiler pressure!!

I've looked up the issue and have found nothing on it. I manually reset the heating element using the red button below control box and nothing has changed. The group head is working fine. I can't get to the heat reset in what the manual says by getting the fifth led (K) to flash. When I enter the menu with the key I can only get up to the third (E) light to flash and I don't know why.

When I turned it on initially after it heated there was a tiny bit of boiler pressure and steam that came out of the wand but that's it.

Anyone else have this problem?

Help! Thanks!

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If it's really new-new, you should contact the seller for assistance. That said, if there's no boiler pressure and the heating element is working, then my first thought is the steam boiler isn't filling correctly. If so, that could melt the heating element.
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It's not a dual boiler machine and there's only one heating element which is working that's why I'm so confused!